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Are you planning to attend medical school, dental school, law school, or a similar professional path after graduation?

Plan ahead! If you are going to attend medical, dental, law or another professional school after graduation, pair our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with your pre-professional core classes to build the skillset now that you will need to run your own practice later.


Are you planning to attend medical school, dental school, law school or a similar professional path after graduation? Are you looking for the perfect major to set you up for financial and administrative success, whether opening your own office or navigating the details of healthcare administration? Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program is built specifically to meet YOUR pre-professional needs. Andrews University has excellent pre-professional programs. We have high acceptance rates into medical school, and plenty of on-campus resources with our pre-med, pre-dent and pre-law clubs. You will receive dual advisors as a pre-professional student—one from the School of Business Administration, another in your chosen pre-professional area (medicine, law, etc.) This program will give you the business fundamentals you need to eventually run a successful practice. At the same time, you’ll be completing all the core prerequisite requirements for entrance into your professional school of choice and to take the MCAT/DAT/LSAT exams. Plus, if after graduation you change your mind about attending medical or dentistry school, you will hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration which would qualify you to find a great job in business. You will also be qualified to study for a Master of Business Administration (MBA), if you wish.

Starting job titles of recent AU accounting grads: Financial Analyst, Staff Auditor

Possible careers in Accounting

• Tax Lawyer
• Controller
• Certified Public Accountant
• Budget Analyst
• Payroll Manager
• Financial Analyst
• Cost Estimator
• Tax Examiner
• Financial Manager
• Inventory Control Specialist
• Internal Auditor
• Treasurer
• Government Accountant

Average salary

65,940 per year for Accountants and Auditors, Occupational Outlook Handbook 2014 data Salaries for accounting graduates depending on the industry, profit versus non-profit, location, experience, and job position.

*The salary listed above is average depends on experience (not be expected for entry-level positions).

•Entry-level salary range - $37,140 (

•Job outlook - 11% Faster than average – OOH 2014

"It’s a great combination that will help me meet my goals. Knowing the infrastructure of healthcare and seeing the business side as well as medical is helpful. Besides, as a future dermatologist I want to open up clinics and charities with my business knowledge. "
- Karla Mulzac, BS Business Major
"I really appreciate this combination as it gives me all of the science classes that I need for medical school while at the same time giving me beneficial experience in the business field that many doctors need but do not have. "
- Christopher Gilbert, BS Business Major
"I love the wide scope of education! Healthcare today is very multifaceted and it orients heavily around business. In order to be the most effective physician possible, I believe it essential to possess management skills and grasp the concepts that come with the operation/ management side of health care. The efficiency of a medical facility influences the quality of patient care. It’s important for me to be well rounded so that I can serve others better. "
- Noreena Ogidan, BS Business Major