International Business

Love to travel and discover new cultures? 

Develop global strategic plans and manage transactions worldwide with a degree in international business!


International business graduates work in a variety of industries and positions. We have graduates working in leadership rotational programs at a healthcare organization, in finance at a multinational banking and financial services holding company, in project management at an international not-for-profit organization, and even missionaries!
Choose between two international business options: a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration in international business program with flexibility to add a minor or additional electives, or a five-year dual-degree program giving you a Bachelor of Business Administration in international business and a Bachelor of Arts in either French or Spanish. This five-year program requires a year studying abroad in France, Spain or Argentina, and will be an intensive five years of study.
For both options, you will select a concentration in finance/accounting, economics, marketing or management to add a specific set of business skills to your repertoire.
Andrews University is a perfect fit for international business majors! As a student at a top 10 ethnically diverse campus and tied for 11th in international students (according to U.S. News and World Report), you will learn important skills like cultural awareness, multicultural communication and adaptability simply by interacting with international students and professors across campus. You could even learn a new language by practicing with your new friends from a different country! Learn international business concepts from professors who have lived and traveled all over the world themselves. We have faculty from South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, France, the Philippines, and of course the USA, to name a few!
In your International Environment of Business course, you’ll actually develop an international business plan. Choose a country within which to operate your fictional business, and adjust your plan to fit within that country’s culture and environment. Projects like this one will prepare you for creating international business plans in the real world after graduation.

Recent AU finance graduates’ starting job titles: Finance Coordinator, Junior Private Equity Analyst, Staff Accountant

Possible careers in International Business

• Bilingual Educator
• Business Analyst
• Compensation/Benefits Administrator
• Corporate Trainer
• Currency Dealer
• Entrepreneur
• Customs Broker
• Foreign Exchange Worker
• International Account Representative
• International Commodities Trader
• International Economist
• International Financial Analyst
• International Product/Brand Manager
• Marketing Representative

Average salary

$78,620 per year (financial analyst) - $61,290 per year (market research analyst)

* Salaries for finance graduates range broadly depending on the industry, profit versus non-profit, location, experience, and job position. The salaries listed above are average across years of experience and should not be expected for entry-level positions.

$51,470 financial analyst - $34,060 (market research analyst & marketing specialists)

Job outlook - 12% (Faster than average financial), 19% (Much faster than average market research analyst)


"I enjoy learning about other countries, cultures, the economy, and discovering how business works abroad. Andrews is such a diverse university—you can make lots of friends from all over the world which may have a big role later on such as if you’re doing business abroad in China, for example, and you already have a friend and connections there!"
- Francisco da Silva, International Business Major
"My favorite classes in the business program are the ones that are related to understanding other cultures or people in a business setting. There is something about culture that intrigues me. I believe that it is easier to grasp who a person is if you understand where they come from and if you understand where they come from, it will be easier to finalize a business deal with them. Trust, loyalty and friendship (in some cultures) are characteristics that are needed for one to succeed in attaining and keeping business partners. Hence classes such as Management, International Management, International Environment of Business, International Marketing and even Business Law kept my interest."
- D’Nedgyne Bissereth, International Business Major
"I spent my sophomore year studying at Campus Adventiste du Salève in France. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I highly encourage everyone to consider going abroad, whether for a year or for a six-week summer program. The opportunities are vast and we have Adventist institutions all over the world offering language-exchange programs through ACA. It’s a great opportunity to expand your worldview. In business, there will be many times when you will have to meet new people from different cultures and adapt, and I definitely got that experience while adapting to the French culture, meeting new people, and learning an entirely new language. "
- Carla Delgado, International Business Major