Bringing "IT" to Africa Study Tour


The School of Business Administration is offering the following courses in AFRICA!  If you're interested, fill out this form

INFS226 IT Hardware & Software (3 credits) 

If you are interested in disassembling/assembling a computer, creating networking components work, basic electronics and understanding how servers work, then this class is for you!  Not only will you be tinkering around with electronics and software, but you will get a chance to apply your new found skill.  You will get to set up a fully functional computer lab in AFRICA!  That's right - Africa!  You will work with Kendu Adventist Hostpital and Ruby Kraft Primary School in Kenya.  Plus, you will be able to tour and be emersed in the culture and wildlife that Kenya is famous for.

Pre-Trour Class Sessions

Dates & Time Topics
Feb 4, 2018  (8:00-12:00) Computer Hardware/ Software Introduction
Feb 25, 2018  (8:00-12:00) Networking Basics
Mar 18, 2018  (8:00-12:00) Basic Electronics
Apr 8, 2018  (8:00-12:00) Test 1

INFS297 Topics in Global Information Systems (3 credits)

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about Global Information Systems.  This course is an introduction to Global IS.  You get to explore culture, infrastructure, information management, communication, team dynamics, ethics and other issues as they relate to information technology and information systems in the networked global community.

Pre-Tour Class Sessions:

Friday March 23, March 30, April 13, April 20​

Kenya Activities 

Dates Activity
May 6, 2018 Leave for Nairobi Kenya
May 7, 2018 Arrive in Nairobi and overnight at the East African Union Guest House
May 8, 2018 Leave for Kendu Bay
May 9, 2018 Introduction to area of operation (am) Introduction to INFS226 (pm)
May 10, 2018 Classes/Labs (am-pm)
May 11, 2018 Classes/Labs (am-pm)
May 12,  2018 Attend church Afternoon hike in the neighborhood
May 13, 2018 Rest
May 14, 2018  Classes/Labs (am-pm) Staff training
May 15, 2018  Classes/Labs (am-pm) Staff training
May 16, 2018 Classes/Labs (am-pm) Staff training
May 17, 2018 Classes/Labs (am-pm) Staff training
May 18, 2018 Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute operations tour
May 19, 2018 Orphanage visit
May 20, 2018 Boat ride in Lake Victoria
May 21, 2018  Classes/Labs (am-pm) Student training
May 22, 2018 Classes/Labs (am-pm) Student training
May 23, 2018 Leave for Masai Mara
May 24, 2018 Wild Life Safari
May 25, 2018 Wild Life Safari Leave for Nairobi
May 26, 2018 Nairobi National Park (am) Giraffe Center (pm)
May 27, 2018 Shopping
May 28, 2018 Fly to ORD

Tour Cost

6 Credits + 1200 USD
3 Credits + 3000 USD

About KAH

Kendu Adventisty Hospital (KAH) was established in 1925 by two Danish nurses - Karen Nielsen and Carentze Olsen who served the hospital for 25 years.  The primary mission of the medical facility is to serve communities in and around the Homa Bay area by the shores of Lake Victoria providing full medical care.

In 1948 the School of Medical Sciences was integrated with the hospital operations.  The school offers degrees in Nursing, Clinical Surgery, and Clinical Medicine.

In today’s world, competency in any profession cannot be defined without computer literacy. Information Technology plays a major role in the delivery of health care services and it is therefore critical that the college ensures that all its students get optimal exposure to computers within means. Our goal is to setup a college level computer lab designed to support their educational goals.  

KAH Needs:

About RKPS

Ruby Kraft Primary School (RKPS) is an Adventist elementary school within the campus of KAH and was established in 1992 to cater for Hospital workers’ children .

RKPS offers the first level of this system as well as Pre-school program for ages 3-5 years.

Although the school was initially established to serve the workers’ children, it has since expanded and extended the services to the community at large leading to a current population of 300 pupils. 

The Government of Kenya is revising the education system and has recently introduced ICT as part of mandatory curriculum for all primary schools, both private and public. With this new development, private schools such as RKPS have been left with a challenge of sourcing for computers and other relevant IT equipment since the government’s support with equipment is mainly limited to the public schools.

RKPS Needs

Project Location

Kendu Bay, a small rural fishing town, is considered the oldest town in Homa County in the shores of Lake Victoria.  The town’s primary industry is fishing and farming. Kendu Bay is located 7 hours northwest from Kenya’s capital Nairobi through the country’s “sugarland”.  The town is home to about 30,000 residents.  It is also popularly known as the birth place of Barack Obama’s father.

GPS Coordinates: 0°24'05.6"S 34°39'52.5"E (-0.401561, 34.664573)