Want to learn how to implement innovative business solutions?

Learn top strategies for implementing innovative business solutions, leading team personnel, overseeing projects and ensuring quality control.


As a graduate from our management program, you could find yourself working in human resources, supply chain, or business strategy and analysis. Perhaps you’ll be an entrepreneur, opening and running your own business. Or perhaps you’ll work your way up the ladder as a manager, leading your store or department to success. Whatever area you decide to specialize in, you will be prepared with a degree in management from Andrews University.
You will carry out multiple projects as a management student. Conduct informational interviews with managers to discover what it is like to manage a company or department. Complete “Be the Manager” case study exercises where you decide what you would do in certain situations if you were the manager. In Quality Management, you will act as a consultant for a local small business or university department. You will look at improving quality processes, and give recommendations to your client for streamlining or simplifying their processes while maintaining quality. In your Business & Society course, you will conduct social audits on a local company, evaluating the business’ ethical, legal, economic and philanthropic environment.

Your presentation skills will blossom as you give frequent in-class presentations to showcase your project findings, just like you might as a manager presenting your results to a board of directors or top executives. These presentations will instill a noticeable confidence in you regardless of your background, and you should graduate from our program armed with plenty of practical experience! Most importantly, our management program aims to instill you with ethical values and behavior which has the potential to transform you into an ethical professional with integrity who gives glory to God for your success. 

• Recent AU Management graduates’ starting job titles: Supply Chain Management Resident, Human Resources Recruiter, Leadership Resident, Business/Operations Analyst

Possible careers in Management

• Human Resources
• Entrepreneur
• Administrative Services Managers
• Benefits Administrator
• Branch Manager
• Budget Analyst
• Contract Administrator
• Credit Manager/Loan Officer
• Financial Manager
• Customer Service Manager
• General Management

Job outlook - outlook - 5% (As fast as average, hr specialist), 7% (As fast as average training & dev. manager), 2% (Slower than average for logistician)

Average salary

$57,420 per year (HR specialists) to $101,930 per year (training & development managers), $73,870 per year (logistician)

* Salaries for finance graduates range broadly depending on the industry, profit versus non-profit, location, experience, and job position. The salaries listed above are average across years of experience and should not be expected for entry-level positions.

*The salary listed above is average depends on experience (not be expected for entry-level positions).

Entry-level salary range in Berrien County, Michigan (low end of salary range) – $29,580 (Personal Financial Advisor) - $51,470 (Financial Analyst

"In my first management course, learning about the basic functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) really connected with me. I saw so much of my personality in it! I like how broad Management is. You don’t look at just marketing or finance, you use all the resources and look at the big picture. Plus I love people and management requires lots of interaction!"
- Arleni Calderon, Management Major
"One of the most beneficial classes I have taken is Human Resource Management. In the class we learned about some of the legal aspects of running a business and how to deal with employee issues in the workplace."
- John LaVanture, Information Systems Major & Systems & Network Admin at Country Life Natural Foods
"“I enjoy all the different areas of business that I get to learn about. It is interesting to learn various areas of business ranging from Human Resource to Operations Management to Business Finance. It has provided me with an overall view of what takes place in a business, and has also helped me to hone in on what area I could see myself working in one day. "
- Andrew Whiting, Management Major