Create content. Change perceptions. Connect with Customers. 

Engage minds with imaginative advertising, product development and ethical business strategies. 


Marketers connect with consumers, create products/services that match consumer desires, consider pricing strategy, ensure correct distribution, and create promotional campaigns that will stand out from the crowd. Marketers may conduct market research to discover what consumers want and need out of a product or service. They may go into event planning, retail management, social media or digital marketing, public relations, or advertising. Marketers may focus on improving one aspect of an organization’s brand, whether its logo, color scheme or motto, with brand marketing. Marketers also may look at the big picture as a marketing coordinator or manager, ensuring all aspects of the marketing plan are run successfully. If you enjoy people and creative content, and can analyze campaign results to look for areas of improvement, you’re in the right place!
...At Andrews University, you will complete projects with real clients in your marketing classes. In Principles of Marketing, you and your teammates will analyze a local business and create a marketing plan for your client. In Advertising and Promotion, create a promotional campaign for a local not-for-profit or small business. You will gain confidence in your public speaking skills due to the multiple presentations you will give in the classroom.
Learn cutting-edge technology and social media methods through Hootsuite University, which is incorporated in your marketing courses. You even have the opportunity to obtain Hootsuite University social media certification!
Expand your marketing and leadership expertise with summer internships. Be sure to join Enactus, the Student Advisory Council or another club to gain valuable project management and leadership experience to really make your resume stand out. You will graduate from Andrews University ready to begin a successful marketing career!

Recent AU IS graduates’ starting job titles: Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator

Possible careers in Marketing

• Marketing manager
• Sales representative
• Marketing specialist
• Public relations specialist
• Account manager
• Human resources (HR) specialist
• Assistant store manager
• Business intelligence analyst
• Operations manager
• Marketing Associate
• Content Archivist

Job outlook - 19% (Much faster than average market analyst), 9% (Faster than average - manager)

Average salary

$61,290 per year (market research analyst), $123,450 per year (advert promo & marketing manager)

* Salaries for finance graduates range broadly depending on the industry, profit versus non-profit, location, experience, and job position. The salaries listed above are average across years of experience and should not be expected for entry-level positions.

*The salary listed above is average depends on experience (not be expected for entry-level positions).

Entry-level salary range in Michigan - $34,060 (market research analyst), $57,890 (manager)

"The most beneficial class I have experienced is Marketing Research…. In this class, we studied how to perform marketing research while simultaneously implementing market research. My group's research project examined attraction and enrollment to the Andrews University School of Business Administration. The class was very challenging and it allowed me to grow as a student and individual preparing for a career in the marketing field."
- Megan Reed, Marketing Major
"I enjoy Marketing because of the wide span of disciplines that can be integrated into the field from psychology, communications, graphic design, statistics… the list goes on. It’s a very well-rounded field that also allows me to connect with people on a fundamental consumer level."
- Cody Wales, Marketing Major
"I most enjoy the psychological part behind marketing. Learning about consumers’ perspectives and initiatives towards a company or a specific brand is fascinating because it shows how diverse the world really is. Also, I find it extremely exciting to create ways to target those specific perspectives and initiatives. In Dr. Warwick’s Principles of Marketing course, we had the opportunity to take on a real business in Benton Harbor, MI, as our client, creating ways to effectively promote the business in order to increase sales and recognition. This project was both fun and hard, since we learned more about marketing and promotion through our research and work with businesses to increase their advertising and sales percentages. I thought this project was a great experience and provided excellent practice to apply toward my future career since I personally want to work in advertising! "
- Janelle Sabin, Marketing Major