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The Master of Science in Administration program is designed to prepare students for leadership in various industry-specific settings. The MSA degree is offered in church administration.

Church Administration

The MSA degree in church administration is for students seeking management roles in church or church-related organizations. Offered jointly by the School of Business Administration and the Theological Seminary, the program blends business management and church management.

Students must take any lacking prerequisite courses in addition to the 33 graduate credits required for the MSA degree.

MSA Degree Program-33

School of Business Administration Courses

BSAD515 Organizational Behavior 3
BSAD620 Christian Ethics, Business & Society 3
MKTG680 Marketing Strategy 3

School of Business Administration electives-6 (choose two courses)

ACCT620 Financial Statement Analysis 3
(Prerequisites: ACCT121, 122)
BSAD530 Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations 3
BSAD560 Intercultural Business Relations 3
BSAD670 Human Resources Seminar 3 (Prerequisite: BSAD515 or permission from instructor)
FNCE680 Investment Strategy 3 (Prerequisite: FNCE317)
MKTG540 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations 3 (Prerequisite: MKTG680 or permission from instructor)

Seminary Courses

Core-15-18 credits
CHMN526 Conflict Management in the Church 2-3
CHMN543 Christian Leadership in a Changing World 3
GSEM541 Spiritual Formation 3
MSSN646 Ministry in Cultural and Religious Context 3
THST615 Doctrine of the Church 2-3
THST643 Christian Professional Ethics 2-3

Electives-0-3 credits
CHMN503 Marriage, Family & Interpersonal Relationships 3
CHMN552 Foundations of Pastoral Ministry 2
CHMN630 Leadership Development 2-3
GSEM626 Contemporary Adventist Theological Issues 2-3
MSSN630 Cross-Cultural Leadership Development 2-3
THST634 Christian Social Ethics 2-3


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