INFS120 Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT)

INFS120 Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT) is the required General Education Computer class usually taken during the student’s first year at AU. 

Students who meet the eligibility requirements may opt instead to take either the Computer Literacy Waiver Test or the Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT) Credit Exam.

The student who passes the waiver test will be exempt from taking INFS120 but will not receive credit for the class. The student who passes the FIT credit exam will earn 3 credits for INFS120 and will not have to take the class.

Students are advised to take the test soon after enrolling at AU.  A student may take either the waiver test or the credit exam.  The test may be taken only once and cannot be repeated.  There is a fee to do these exams.


Please call 471.6596  or 471.3339 to determine eligibility and set an appointment for the test
The test is offered at 1:00 p.m. on Friday.  See available dates below.
Available Test Dates Fall 2012
Friday August 24
Friday August 31
Friday September 7
Friday November 16
Friday November 30

Available Test Dates Spring 2013
Friday January 4
Friday January 11
Friday January 18
Friday April 19
Friday April 26


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