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A Career in Business

Are you interested in business, but aren't sure what aspect you'd like to pursue? Would you like to create ads and promotions, develop plans and budgets, or keep track of income and expense? How about running your own business, planning and implementing market campaigns, training employees, and managing a company's computer systems, reviewing organizations' finances, or becoming a CEO?

Choose the School of Business Administration to pursue a career in these areas will offer you some distinct advantages with its strategic combination of undergraduate and graduate degrees and highly qualified faculty to prepare you for your career choice.

It's Not Just About Making Money

A business degree is often a fast-track to a high salary business career and it can also provide opportunities for service. Consider a business career in a not-for-profit church organization, a community foundation such as United Way, an international ogranization like ADRA, or become an academy or college professor. As with any job, what matters most is not the money, but one's ability to enjoy a lifetime of useful service to God and society.



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