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BS: Business

The program caters specifically to pre-medical, pre-dental, prelaw or other pre-professional students who desire a business emphasis that will benefit them in their chosen career. This four-year degree includes the business core and courses required by the pre-professional program. Courses need to be selected in consultation with an advisor from the School of Business Administration and an advisor from the specific preprofessional program.

Students must complete the required business courses with a minimum GPA of 2.33 (C+).

Credit Info

General Education Requirements

See professional program requirements and note the following specific requirements:

Religion: RELT100, RELT340 or 390, and 2 other religion
Life/Physical Sciences: Minimum of one Life Science andone Physical Science. Pre-Professional programs such as pre-medical and pre-dental require additional and specific Life Science and Physical Science courses.
Mathematics: As required by the pre-professional program.
Service: see BS/BA degree requirements
Computer Literacy: INFS120 required as part of business
Social Sciences: ECON225 required as part of business core

Business Core Courses-39

ACCT121, 122; BSAD341, 355, 365, 475, 494; ECON226; FNCE317;
INFS215; MKTG310; and as part of General Education listed above ECON225 and INFS120.


STAT285 (for pre-medical, substitute BIOL251)


As required by the pre-professional program.


Program Planning Guide

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 Guides: Pre-Law



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