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About the Program

The Associate of Science degree prepares students for entry-level job opportunities in the business field. The degree is designed for the student who cannot stay in college for a four-year degree or who wishes to interrupt his/her program for a period of time and return to college to complete a four-year baccalaureate degree.

To be eligible to receive the Associate of Science degree, students must satisfy the following requirements and complete the courses indicated:

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General Education Requirements
See associate program requirements (click here) and note the following specific requirements:

Computer Literacy: see major
Service: BHSC100
Social Sciences: PSYC101

Business Core Courses-15

ACCT121, 122, INFS120, ECON225, 226
Courses in the General Business Emphasis. Students must
select and complete the courses required as listed below.

Associate Degree

General Business Emphasis
Select from the following: BSAD104, 210, 341, INFS215-9
Business core (see above)-15
General Education (see above)-35


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Minors in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing and Information Systems

The School of Business Administration offers minors in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Information Systems.

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