2016 Research Webinars

Feb 24 - 5:30 pm:  Dr.  L.  Burton & Dr.  A. Coria-Navia

Piloting the Caribbean Mind: Theoretical Piracy on High Seas of Colonization
In this presentation we will reflect on the impact of colonial and postcolonial experiences in the 20th-century epistemologies, and hegemonies which underlie imperialist actions and postcolonial thought. We will then highlight educational and social practices and institutions shaped by colonial and postcolonial realities. These include schooling, access to services, social values and norms, and culture. These introductory sections will enable us to explore how colonial and postcolonial actions have “pirated the mind” of Caribbean citizens. Included in this section will be a presentation of the appropriation of uniquely Caribbean theoretical constructs by other cultures in the name of “globality.” We will conclude the presentation with implications for North American educators. Join Now

Feb 28th - 4:30 pm:  Dr. Burton & Darren Heslop

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Winter 2015 AICER Webinars