2014 Webinars

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2014 Presentations Presenters Date
How to conduct a Qulaitative Research Employing the Grounded Theory? Patrice Wright Dec 03
The H.A.I.R. Study (Hair, Activity, Identity and Race: African American Adolescent Girls' Opionions of Hairstyle Choices and Pysical Activity Carole Woolford-Hunt Nov 20
The Effect of Prososdy Instruction on Reading Fluency and Comprehension among third-Grade Students Tammy Overstrreet Nov 05
Education in Rural Communities of Developing Countries Karena Griffiths Oct 15
Following Faith Commitments: Successful Transition from Public High School to Adventist Higher Education Larry Burton, Josephine Katenga, Christine Moniyung Oct 01
Perceptions of Leadership Characteristics of Principals Who Influence Positive School Culture in a Midwest Adventist Union Evelyn Savory Sept 24
Ways of Knowing:Using Research to Inform Therory &  Practice Christon Arthur Sept 02

How to Write a Theoretical Framework

Raymond Ostrander

July 31
Considering the Purpose of Research When Identifying Quantitative and Qualitative Commonalities Isadore Newman July 30
Understanding the Relationship of Trauma, Substance Use, and Resilience among a Religiously Affiliated University Students Harvey Burnett July 14
Does Religion Manipulate the Minds of Children? A Rejoinder to the Critics John Matthews July11

Curriculum-Related Trends in K-12 Adventist Education in North America Division:  An Inductive Analysis of the Profile Surveys 1987-2007

Monica Desir June 30
PhD Portfolio Presentation  A. Yolanda Smith June 27
Literacy and Parental Involvement Allyson Blandin & Audrey Henry June 20
The Impact of Accreditation on the Teacher Education Curriculum at Two Historically Black Colleges from 1920-1940                                                              Denise Shaver June 18

Writing Presentation Proposals

Larry Burton June 17
PhD Portfolio Presentation Emmanuel Oduro-Bediako June 06
Master's Portfolio Presentation Cora Clark June 06
Master's Portfolio Presentation Lauren Via June 06
Parental Involvement  in Students Education Allyson Blandin & Josephine Katenga April 24
Research Team Experiences  4 Faculty reseachers and their Students April 17
The Journal of Adventist Education Beverly Rumble  April 03
Nurturing Spirituality in the Private & Public Places  Cora Clark   &        Cheryl Logan March 27
The Emergency of the Fourth University:  A Search for Wisdom  Gustavo Gregorutti   March 06
CASE STUDY: Root Issues in the Public Square Thom Wolf February 24
Doing Research: What does it Look Like? Larry Burton February 20
The Joy of Research Duane McBride February 04
Correlates of Perceived Emotional/Verbal and Spiritual Abuse of Adult Children of Pastors Wendy Thompson January 30
Qualitative Study of the Integration of Faith and Learning: The Levels of Integration Model   Pauline Sawyers January 14