John Matthews

John Matthews

John Matthews

Title: Professor of Educational Foundations, School of Education
Religious Education, SDA Theological Seminary

Office Location: BH 213
Phone: (269) 471-6499


PhD, MA, Andrews University, 1988, 1975
BA, Newbold College (Columbia Union College), 1974


John Matthews is a native of South Africa, with experience working in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America.  Responsibilities have included pastoring, teaching, and administration. At Andrews University, Matthews teaches in both the School of Education and the SDA Theological Seminary in the areas of religious education, educational foundations, and ideological diversity issues.  He has consulted for UNICEF-Pakistan as the chief contributor to a faith-integrated (Islam) teaching manual for the training of illiterate traditional birth attendants; and has presented in Thailand as a featured speaker for a conference on sustainable development in education, as well as at an international conference on Buddhism on the topic of cultural and religious understanding.  In the USA he has presented at AERA and NAPCE professional conferences.

Current Research or Professional Activities

Matthews’ recent research projects include a study exploring “Changes in Cultural, Moral and Religious Attitudes Consequent upon a Four-Year Program of Studies at Designated Educational Institutions in Thailand,” and participation in an interdisciplinary study on “Attitudes towards Wildlife in and around Khao Yai National Park in Thailand.” Other areas of study and research on which he has recently made presentations include integration of faith and learning, and competency-based curriculum development. Dr. Matthews is currently vice-chair of the Board of Directors of Your Story Hour, Inc., a global, non-profit, educational and inter-faith, Christian organization.