Anna Piskozub

Anna Piskozub

Title: Graduate Service Coordinator
Office Location: Bell Hall 164
Phone: (269) 471-3109


B.A. Business Administration from Atlantic Union College (2008)
Personal Trainer, ACE
Aerobic Instructor, AAA/ISMA
Pilates Mat Insturctor/SCW


Anna Piskozub moved from Poland to Chicago, United States in 1980 where she owned a successful business producing women's apparel.  In Chicago she worked for two law firms (Gardner, Carton and Douglas, and Sidley and Austin) in the accounting department.  In 1995, Anna moved to Berrien Springs to work for the Graduate Programs in the School of Education.  Her experience in accounting helped Anna to automize and simplify some of the job operations.  She enjoys assisting the diverse body of students as they are pursuing their graduate degrees. Besides her work in the School of Education, Anna has been teaching a variety of fitness classes for students and community at the Lamson Health Club at Andrews University for 12 years.  In 1993 she started Change Your Body, a group personal training for women who want to get healthier by increasing strength, flexibility and balance.  Anna is commited to hollistic, personal and professional growth.  She is actively promoting a healthy lifestyle to anyone who comes in contact with her. She is a member of the Wellness Committee at Andrews University and has been presenting various exercise seminars to the faculty and staff.  She is particularly interested in the connection between exercise and cognition.  In Fall of 2009, she began her studies toward MS degree in Nutrition and Wellness at Andrews University.   In addition to learning of various exercise techniques, she enjoys gardening, hiking, skiing, reading and listening to music.