Shanter Alexander

Shanter Alexander

Shanter Alexander

Title: School Psychology Ph.D Coordinator; Assistant Professor
Certified Autism Specialist

Office Location: Bell Hall 167
Phone: (269) 471-6332
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Bachelors degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Education and a minor in Communication Studies.

Masters degree in Educational Psychology from Andrews University

EdS in School Psychology from Andrews University  

PhD in School Psychology from Andrews University 


Professor Alexander comes from the beautiful sunny island of St. Lucia and has over 16 years of experience working in the fields of education and psychology. She began career with the St. Lucia Mission of SDA where she served as a high school English teacher and school counselor. She’s a nationally certified School Psychologist (NCSP) and completed teacher training at the undergraduate level with emphases in psychology and communication studies. Professor Alexander is a certified autism specialist and has presented on various topics related to autism interventions and educational supports at numerous professional conferences at the state, national and international levels. Two of her most recent presentations were conducted at the 38th annual conference of the International School Psychology Association in Amsterdam, Netherlands (July, 2016) and at the 124th annual conference of the American Psychological Association in Denver, Colorado (August 2016).

Professor Alexander’s research interests include, executive dysfunction, childhood neurodevelopmental disorders (particularly autism), learning disabilities, psychoeducational consultation, assessment of children and educational intervention and supports. She is passionate about research related to the design and implementation of practical strategies to promote and support learning for children with disabilities. Professor Alexander’s research in the area of autism and educational supports and interventions is ongoing. Her professional goal is to continue to explore methods of support that inspire hope filled living for children with disabilities and their families through training of educators, future school psychologists, research publications and consistent professional consultation and collaboration.

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