Clinical Mental Hlth Counseling-MA

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is designed to prepare students to function as professional clinical mental health counselors in community agency and mental health settings, such as: (a) mental health centers; (b) family counseling centers, and (c) solo or group private practice. 

 The program is accredited by CACREP, the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, a specializing accrediting body recognized by COPA, the Council on Post-Secondary Accreditation. Learn more about our Counseling Education programs >>

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Core Faculty:

Dr. Nancy Carbonell (Program Coordinator)
Dr. Elvin Gabriel

Dr. Dennis Waite

Dr. Brad Hinman


course # core requirements credits
EDFN500 Philosophical Foundations of Education and Psychology 3
GDPC614 Human Development 3
GDPC554 Career Development 3
GDPC635 Theories and Techniques of Counseling 3
GDPC638 Group Processes 3
GDPC640 Mulitcultural Issues for Counselors and Psychologists 3
GDPC644 Psychological Testing 3
GDPC645 Professional Ethics for Counselors and Psychologists 3
GDPC695 Professional Portfolio 0
EDRM506 Research and Evaluation for Counselors 3
EDRM611 Applied Statistical Methods I 3




Course # Specialty area credits
GDPC600 Family Counseling 3
GDPC610 Marital Counseling 3
GDPC619 Professional Issues in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  
Three credits are required when GDPC609 is not offered
GDPC624 Addictions and Addictive Behaviors 3
GDPC629 Psychopathology:  Classification & Treatment 3
GDPC630 Personality Assessment 3




Course # Clinical Instruction Credits
GDPC650 Practicum in Counseling                                                     3
GDPC655 Internship in Counseling 6




Course # Electives Credits
GDPC686 Interventions and Diagnosis with Children and Adolescents 3
GDPC687 Counseling and Therapeutic Interventions for Adults 3
  (Choose one) TOTAL 3
  Total Program Degree Credits 60

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