EdD Educational Psychology

EdD Educational Psychology - General Emphasis 
This emphasis prepares individuals for educational psychology positions.  It prepares college and university instructors, generally in the areas of human development, personality, learning and instruction.  Educational psychologists also work in schools, businesses, industries and various human development settings.


Degree Requirements:


Course# Professional Core Credits
EDRM636 Program Evaluation                                                                      3
GDPC514 Psychology of Learning 3
GDPC525 Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children 3
GDPC540 Behavioral and Emotional Problems of Children 3
GDPC614 Human Development 3
GDPC625 Biopsychology 3
GDPC626 Cognitive Psychology 3
GDPC644 Psychological Testing 3
GDPC651 Behavioral and Educational Assessment 3
GDPC670 Advanced Social Psychology 3
GDPC676 Theories of Personality 3
GDPC736 Field Work in Educational Psychology 3
GDPC834 Seminar in Educational/School Psychology 3
  Total Professional Core Credits 39


Course# Educational Foundations Credits
EDFN500 Philosophical Foundations of Education & Psychology 3
GDPC620 History and Systems of Psychology
or a non-psychological foundations course
  Total Educational Foundation Credits 6


Course# Research Credits
EDRM505 Research Methods                           3
EDRM605 Qualitative Research Methods in Education & Psychology 3
EDRM611 Applied Statistical Methods I 3
EDRM710 Seminar in Research Methodology 1
EDRM712 Applied Statistical Methods II 3
EDRM880 Dissertation Proposal Development 2
  Total Research Credits 15

Research Experience:  This requirement is met in EDRM712.  Transfer students who have taken related courses elsewhere must see their advisor for appropriate procedures.




                 By advisement                                                                             16


Course # 

Dissertation Requirement

GDPC899 Doctoral Dissertation                                                                       14+
  TOTAL EdD Degree Credits 90+