Admission Procedures and Criteria


Admission Procedures and Criteria

Andrews University’s PhD in Counseling Psychology seeks to recruit applicants that will enter the program with strong academic backgrounds, and a desire to learn both clinical  skills and participate in scientific research.  Applicants must also demonstrate an emotional maturity consistent with the role of a doctoral student entering a rigorous program requiring commitment not only to coursework, but also clinical training, participating in research, and a timely completion of a dissertation.  

Though the program typically receives between 15-20 applications each year, the core faculty’s goal is to keep each incoming cohort size between 5-7 new students.  This acceptance rate results in the program having to make challenging admission decisions and choose students who best fit the goals of the program. 

Application Deadlines and Starting Semester

The Counseling Psychology program conducts interview days during the months of January – May for entrance into the upcoming fall semester.  In order to be considered for admission into the next cohort, applicants must have their files complete and participate in one of the scheduled interview days.  Please contact the department directly for these dates.  Applications received after the final interview day will be considered for the following academic year. 

Each application received by the program goes through an initial review by the core faculty to see whether basic requirements are met.  Applicants should have a master's degree in counseling or a related field.  In order for an applicant without a master's degree to be eligible for consideration of admission, they must have the following: undergraduate major in psychology; outstanding academic record with satisfactory GPA; and satisfactory scores on both the GRE General Test and Advanced Test in Psychology.  

Minimum admission requirements are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Official transcripts: From institutions where all post-secondary coursework was taken.
  • Recommendations: Three recommendations are required from professionals—such as advisors, major professors, and employers—excluding relatives. At least two recommendations should be academic.
  • Resume or professional history: Information about employment, research, or special projects.
  • GRE score: The exam must be less than 5 years old at time of admission.   The minimum GRE scores this program will accept are based off the university standards of: Verbal-142, Quantitative-142, and Analytical-3.0.  
  • Statement of Purpose: A 500-word essay explaining objectives in seeking a graduate degree at Andrews University. Include a description of personal, professional, and academic goals; philosophical perspective; and what applicant hopes to accomplish professionally in ten years following the completion of degree.
  • Research Paper: Such as graded papers, reports or case studies (with identifying information removed) or thesis.