Degree Options

Whether you're interested in gaining skills to enter the field of higher education or are an experienced practitioner seeking career advancement, we have the program for you!

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Masters (MA)

Educational Specialist (EdS)

Doctor of Education  (EdD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Prepares students for entry-level and midmanagement level positions at public and private colleges or universities and community colleges, in different areas of student affairs, such as:

Designed for mid-level administrators seeking career advancement, and service to institutions of higher education. appropriate for positions such as:

Designed to prepare experienced practitioners for senior administrative and policy-making positions. The EdD program primarily serves those seeking administrative and executive positions, whithe Phd program serves those who wish to pursue careers in research and teaching. Graduates typically work in the following professional areas:


  • Enrollment and admissions
  • Financial services management
  • Residence halls 
  • Religious and social activities coordination
  • Athletics and recreation administration
  • Health services
  • International student services educational specialist


  • Deans and assistant deans
  • Assistant to the president
  • Director and in-service directors
  • Department chairperson in selected areas
  • Program manager


  • Research
  • University teaching
  • Policy leadership
  • College administration at all levels
  • Community college leadership and management
  • Student personnel administration
  • Corporate and post-secondary policy analysis