Commonly Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to complete a Leadership degree?
  • MA: 2-3 years
  • EdS: 3 years
  • EdD/PhD: 3-5 years (maximum allowed = 7 years)
2. How much time must I spend on the Andrews University campus?

Participants must attend an orientation in July (1 week) to begin their program, followed by the 3-day annual Roundtable Conference. Each successive July, they must attend the 3-day Annual Conference, usually at Andrews University.

3. How much does the program cost?
  • MA: $804 per credit (approximately $28,944 for entire degree) + fees that are subject to change.
  • EdS/EdD/PhD: $936 per credit (approximately $26,208 for EdS and $44,928 for EdD/PhD degree, assuming that you are transferring credits in) + fees that are subject to change.
4. Do you have online courses?

Yes, including three required online courses. You will have the option to work on your remaining credits through independent studies, intensives, and field work experiences. The objective is to strengthen your knowledge base so you can demonstrate the competencies in your workplace.

5. May I take classes on campus?

Yes, this is an option that you can discuss with your advisor. Leadership participants often take summer intensives around the Roundtable Conference (especially Statistics).

6. How many credits for the degree?
  • MA: 36 semester credits (may include 7 transfer graduate crs).
  • EdS: 64 semester credits: 28 Andrews’ semester credits (plus 36 transfer credits from MA, grade B or above).
  • EdD/PhD: 90 semester credits: 48 Andrews’ semester credits – 32 course credits based on the competencies, and 16 dissertation credits (plus up to 42 graduate transfer credits, grade B or above. If you have fewer than 42 graduate transfer credits, you can take extra Leadership course credits to bring the total to 90 credits.
7. What if I need to make changes in my program or credits?

You’ll be pleased with the flexibility in the Leadership Program. As participants experience changes in their lives and/or jobs, they can adapt their IDPs and Credit Checklist/Courseplans accordingly in consultation with their advisor. *Please note that one cannot change credits that have already been registered for in the past.

8. If I am working on my degree in a field-based program, how will I receive academic advising and guidance?

You will have a faculty advisor who will mentor you throughout your degree program. You will also meet monthly with a regional learning group consisting of fellow Leadership participants. The group provides collegiality and support within a small learning community.

9. How long does it take to complete a dissertation?

The dissertation stage often takes 2-3 years, sometimes longer. It is advisable not to rush the dissertation process, but to think of it as a chance to research a topic that you are passionate about.

10. What if a life-situation arises in which I cannot work on my program?

If unable to work on your program for more than two semesters, it is advisable that you request to be inactivated. Then, when you are ready to be reactivated, your request will be reviewed; you may or may not be assigned a new advisor. Most people find that they are able to successfully reactivate into the Leadership program.

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