Course Requirements

Basic Degree Requirements for MA, EdS, EdD, and PhD
  1. Participate in the on-campus program orientation: LEAD630 Leadership Orientation (2 credits) and in annual Leadership Roundtable Conferences.
  2. Complete LEAD635 Individual Development Plan (LLP, 4 credits) designed by the participant and approved by the Leadership faculty team.
  3. Complete the following web-based learning experiences:

           LEAD535 - Principles of Academic Writing (2-3)
           LEAD636 - Issues in Leadership Foundations - 3 credits
           LEAD637 - Issues in Research - 3 credits
           LEAD638 - Issues in Leadership Theory - 3 credits
  4. Participate regularly and actively in a regional learning group at least seven times a year. LEAD605 - Leadership & Learning Group - 0 credit.
  5. Maintain employment throughout the program.
  6. Complete the development and a presentation of a portfolio based on the participant's LLP. The portfolio must document the satisfactory completion of the required competencies.
  7. Complete the specific number of credits:

           36 credits for the MA degree
           36 credits for the EdS degree
           60 credits for the EdD/PhD degrees
  8. Research:

          MA: Complete a research project.
                EDRM505 - Research Methods in Educ. & Psych. 3 credits
                LEAD698  - MA Research Project—3 credits

          EdS: Complete an action research project.
                Prerequisite: EDRM505 or equivalent
                LEAD798 - EdS Research Project (3-6)

          EdD/PhD: Complete a dissertation. Submit a research-based article to a 
                         peer-reviewed publication.
                Prerequisite: EDRM505 or equivalent
                LEAD880 - Proposal Development—2 credits
                LEAD899 - Doctoral Dissertation—14 credits

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