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Advancement Courses offers 200+ graduate-level professional development courses for K-12 teachers with credit hours and transcripts provided through a partnership with Andrews University.
Created by subject matter experts with extensive classroom experience, courses are designed to be more engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable for teachers – with a focus not just on new, innovative techniques, but also on developing tangible products such as lesson plans or assessments that can be immediately used in the classroom.
Experienced facilitators guide learners through every course, answering questions and offering detailed feedback on assignments. A dedicated community space allows teachers to connect with other educators, explore new ideas, and share resources. And since the courses are online and self-paced, teachers can complete them anywhere and at any time for up to 6 months after enrollment.
• Professional development that’s relevant, innovative, and enjoyable
• Created by subject matter experts with years of classroom teaching experience
• Develop practical tools ready to be used in your classroom immediately
• Flexible, convenient, and affordable
• Credit & transcripts provided through Andrews University
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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
An Educator's Guide to the Common Core EDCI 629-001 3
Arts Education for Early Learning and Emergent Literacy EDCI 629-002 3
Basketball John Wooden's Way EDCI 629-003 3
Better Teaching and Learning with Formative Assessment EDCI 629-004 3
Building an Effective Elementary Math Curriculum EDCI 629-005 3
Building Cultural Competency to Improve Instruction and Students EDCI 629-006 3
Building Parent Engagement  EDCI 629-007 3
Bullies EDCI 629-008 3
Closing the Gender Gap in STEM EDCI 629-009 3
Common Core State Standards for English Language Learners EDCI 629-010 3
Strategies for Supporting Children with ADD/ADHD EDCI 629-011 3
Differentiated Instruction EDCI 629-012 3
Drugs, Kids, and Teachers EDCI 629-013 3
Educating for Character & Values EDCI 629-014 3
Emotions and Learning EDCI 629-015 3
Engaging Students in the Study of Genetics EDCI 629-016 3
Essential Classroom Technology for Teachers EDCI 629-017 3
Everyone Has a Story to Tell: Narrative in the Classroom EDCI 629-018 3
Health, Wellness and Fitness: A New Look EDCI 629-019 3
Integrating Common Core Literacy 6-12 EDCI 629-020 3
Kindness: Can It Be taught? EDCI 629-021 3
Problem Solving in Mathematics EDCI 629-022 3
Productive Classroom Discussions EDCI 629-023 3
Rewiring Education: Teaching and Assessing Essential 21st Century Fluencies EDCI 629-024 3
Special Needs and Education EDCI 629-025 3
Strategies for Supporting Teenagers with ADD/ADHD EDCI 629-026 3
Strategies for Developing an Effective Secondary Math Curriculum EDCI 629-027 3
Stress Reduction for Better Teaching EDCI 629-028 3
Teaching American Colonial History EDCI 629-029 3
Teaching Beginning Golf: The Basics EDCI 629-030 3
Teaching Poverty's Children EDCI 629-031 3
Teaching Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum EDCI 629-032 3
Teaching Students with High Functioning Autism EDCI 629-033 3
The Common Core for English Language Arts K-5 EDCI 629-034 3
The Common Core for English Language Arts 6-12 EDCI 629-035 3
The Common Core State Standards in Math K-5 EDCI 629-036 3
The Common Core State Standards in Math 6-8 EDCI 629-037 3
The Common Core State Standards in Math 9-12 EDCI 629-038 3
The Language of Math EDCI 629-039 3
The Teenage Brain: How it Works EDCI 629-040 3
Achieving a Work-Life Balance in Teaching EDCI 629-042 3
American During the Thirties: The Great Depression… EDCI 629-043 3
America's Wars: From the Civil War to Vietnam EDCI 629-044 3
Ancient Greece EDCI 629-045 3
Ancient Rome: Rise of an Empire EDCI 629-046 3
Athletic Speed and Agility EDCI 629-047 3
Be Versatile with Verse:  Poetry in the Classroom EDCI 629-048 3
Children in Crisis EDCI 629-049 3
Children's Friendships EDCI 629-050 3
Coaching for Character EDCI 629-051 3
Coaching the Female Athlete EDCI 629-052 3
Conflict Resolution: For the Elementary Teacher EDCI 629-053 3
Creating a Cooperative Learning Classroom EDCI 629-054 3
Creating Bulletin Boards to Enhance the K-6 Classroom EDCI 629-056 3
Effective Teaching and Learning with Scientific Inquiry 3-8 EDCI 629-060 3
Effective Teaching and Learning with Scientific Inquiry 9-12 EDCI 629-061 3
Ellis Island and Immigration in the 19th and 20th Centuries EDCI 629-062 3
Endangered Species and Mass Extinction Events EDCI 629-063 3
Forgotten Moments in History EDCI 629-065 3
Gang Recognition and Behavior EDCI 629-066 3
Helping Kids Write EDCI 629-067 3
History of American Women's Rights: From Susan B Anthony to Present EDCI 629-068 3
History of Great Britain: 18th Century to the Present EDCI 629-069 3
History of Slavery in America: 1600's-1800's EDCI 629-070 3
How the Weather Works EDCI 629-071 3
Ice Ages and Glaciation EDCI 629-072 3
Identifying and Preventing Eating and Exercise Disorders EDCI 629-073 3
Integrating Art and Drawing into the Elementary Curriculum EDCI 629-074 3
Journaling and Creative Writing in the Elementary Classroom EDCI 629-075 3
Learning Disabilities from Substance Abuse EDCI 629-076 3
Learning Disabilities: Some Direction EDCI 629-077 3
Literature to Teach Life Lessons EDCI 629-078 3
Motivating Student Athletes & Sport Psychology EDCI 629-079 3
Nature Education and Environmental Literacy EDCI 629-080 3
Overcoming Depression EDCI 629-081 3
Own Your Words: Effective Vocabulary Instruction EDCI 629-082 3
Performance Enhancing Drugs and the Athlete EDCI 629-083 3
Preparing for Inclusion EDCI 629-084 3
Preventing Youth Suicide EDCI 629-086 3
Project Based Learning in the Elementary Classroom EDCI 629-087 3
Project Based Learning in the Middle and High School Classroom EDCI 629-088 3
Read Between the Lines: Developing a Critical Historical Perspective EDCI 629-089 3
Reigniting the Teaching Spirit EDCI 629-090 3
Resiliency: Coping with Academic and Emotional Adversity EDCI 629-092 3
Teaching Special Education: Focusing on Abilities EDCI 629-094 3
Special Education: The Process and Law EDCI 629-095 3
Strategies for Teaching Multicultural Students EDCI 629-096 3
Sustained Silent Reading EDCI 629-097 3
Tapped Out: The Global Water Crisis EDCI 629-098 3
Teaching Classical Music: History and Appreciation EDCI 629-100 3
Teaching Speaking and Listening Skills to English Language Learners EDCI 629-101 3
Reaching & Teaching Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom EDCI 629-102 3
Teaching Golf from 40 Yards In EDCI 629-103 3
Teaching Intermediate Golf EDCI 629-104 3
Teaching Jazz: History and Appreciation EDCI 629-105 3
Teaching Shakespeare: A Focus on Hamlet EDCI 629-107 3
Teaching the American Civil War EDCI 629-108 3
Teaching the American Presidency EDCI 629-109 3
Teaching the American Revolution EDCI 629-110 3
Teaching the Constitution and the Bill of Rights EDCI 629-111 3
Teaching Writing to English Language Learners EDCI 629-112 3
The Abused Child: You Can Help EDCI 629-113 3
Teaching The African-American Student EDCI 629-114 3
The American Civil Rights Movement EDCI 629-115 3
The Effects of Divorce on Children EDCI 629-116 3
The Growing Menace of Girl Bullies EDCI 629-117 3
The Human Brain EDCI 629-118 3
The Job of the Athletic Director EDCI 629-119 3
The Personal Essay: Knowledge, Power, and the Colleg Application EDCI 629-122 3
Understanding Dyslexia EDCI 629-127 3
Using Multiple Intelligence Theory to Reach All Learners EDCI 629-128 3

Why Good Coaches Quit

EDCI 629-130


Writing Well or Good Writing? An Educational Guide Teaching Grammar
EDCI 629-131


Getting Off on the Right Foot with Bell-Ringers EDCI 629-132 1
Building Blocks for Success: Scaffolding in the Classroom EDCI 629-133 2
Operation Organization: Establishing Order in the Classroom EDCI 629-134 2
How to Stop Playing Catch-Up: Time Management for Teachers EDCI 629-135 1
Study Smarter, Not Harder: A Practical Guide to Teaching Social Studies EDCI 629-136 1
Reimagining Literature: Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom EDCI 629-137 2
Building Meaningful Partnerships:  Connecting Schools, Families EDCI 629-138 3
Chemists in the Making:  Fostering Inquiry with Science Notebooks EDCI 629-139 3
Designing and Implementing Quality STEM Instruction EDCI 629-140 3
Game On! Getting Kids Pumped in P.E. Class EDCI 629-141 3
Level Up! Student Achievement through Game-Based Learning EDCI 629-143 3
Next Generation Science Standards: A New Framework for Authentic Science Instruction EDCI 629-144 3
Read Between the Lines: Developing a Critical Historical Perspective EDCI 629-145 3
Staying Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom EDCI 629-146 3
Stretching Bodies and Minds: Using Yoga to Enhance Student EDCI 629-148 1
The What, Why, and How of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) EDCI 629-150 3
This Just In: Using Journalism to Strengthen Student Lit EDCI 629-151 3
Safe Spaces and Affirming Faces EDCI 629-152 3
Writing about Literature: Teaching Literary Analysis EDCI 629-153 3
Teaching Tough Topics on Biology EDCI 629-154 3
Crafting Engaging Elementary Science Instruction with Stories EDCI 629-155 3
Teaching Scientific Argumentation and Critical Thinking EDCI 629-156 3
Let's Move! Authentic PE Instruction for the 21st Century EDCI 629-157 3
Flipping Your Classroom: Redefining Homework and Instruction EDCI 629-158 3
Essential Teaching Practices for the 21st Century Teacher EDCI 629-159 3
Blended Learning: Teaching in a Digital Age EDCI 629-160 3
A Guide to Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Talented Students EDCI 629-161 3
It’s Getting Hot in Here: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of Climate Change EDCI 629-164 3
Integrating Engineering Design with Middle & High School Science Instruction EDCI 629-165 3
Respect, Educate, and Protect: Cultivating Digital Citizenship in 21st Century Learners EDCI 629-166 1
From Burnout to Productivity: Creating a Path for Teacher Wellness EDCI 629-167 3
Using Tablets to Support 21st Century Instruction EDCI 629-168 3
Cultivating Youth Activists and Change Agents in the Classroom EDCI 629-169 3
Effective Classroom Management for the 21st Century EDCI 629-170 3
Activating Creativity Through Literacy in ELA (K-5) EDCI 629-171 3
From the Inner City to Ivy League K-5 Rethinking Urban Education EDCI 629-174 3
The Growth Mindset: Fostering Resilience and a Love of Learning EDCI 629-176 3
Never Judge a Book by Its Cover: Perspectives on Social Justice Education EDCI 629-177 3
Making Thinking Visible EDCI 629-178 3
Activating Creativity through Literacy in ELA (6-12) EDCI 629-179 3
Building Student Character through Service Learning EDCI 629-181 3
Crafting Student Assessment in Art EDCI 629-183 3
Creating a Classroom Culture to Cure Violence (6-12) EDCI 629-185 3
Cultivating 21st Century Skills through the Arts EDCI 629-186 3
Cultivating Student-Centered Classrooms (K-5) EDCI 629-187 3
Cultivating Student-Centered Classrooms (6-12) EDCI 629-188 3
From the Inner City to the Ivy League: Rethinking Urban Education (6-12) EDCI 629-190 3
Get Connected with Social Media EDCI 629-191 3
Implementing Creative Projects in Literacy (K-5) EDCI 629-192 3
Implementing Creative Projects in Literacy (6-12) EDCI 629-193 3
Managing the Art Classroom EDCI 629-194 3
Math Literacy for Successful Students (K-2) EDCI 629-195 3
Math Literacy for Successful Students (3-5) EDCI 629-196 3
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports for Successful Classrooms EDCI 629-198 3
Self-Care Strategies for Teachers EDCI 629-200 3
Social Media Tools for Teaching and Learning EDCI 629-201 3
Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts (K-5) EDCI 629-206 3
Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts (6-12) EDCI 629-207 3
Bridging the Gap:  Tech Tools for the Inclusive Classroom (K-5) EDCI 629-208


Bridging the Gap:  Tech Tools for the Inclusive Classroom (6-12) EDCI 629-209 3
Building Film Study into Your Instruction EDCI 629-210 3
Classroom Management Strategies for Student-Centered Instruction EDCI 629-211 3
Facilitating Discussions About Violence and Trauma in the Classroom (K-8) EDCI 629-212 3
Facilitating Discussions About Violence and Trauma in the Classroom (9-12) EDCI 629-213 3
Sports and Games:  Using Instructional Models in PE EDCI 629-216 3
Supporting Student Success in STEM Blended Learning (K-5) EDCI 629-217 3
Supporting Student Success in STEM Blended Learning (6-12) EDCI 629-218 3
Technology for the Special Education Classroom (K-5) EDCI 629-219 3
Technology for the Special Education Classroom (6-12) EDCI 629-220 3
Why Argue: Teaching the Art of Oral & Written Argument EDCI 629-221 3
Using Data to Drive Continuous Improvement in Education EDCI 629-226 3
Shaping Authentic PE Instruction in the 21st Century EDCI 629-227 3
A Practical Approach to Partnering Pedagogy EDCI-629-228 3
Building Effective Communication Skills in the Classroom EDCI-629-229 3
Building Presentation Skills for Success EDCI-629-230 3
Child Development and Psychology: Middle Childhood EDCI-629-231 3
Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Counseling EDCI-629-232 3
Fundamentals of Teaching Mathematics  EDCI-629-233 3
Real-World Applications for Algebra  EDCI-629-234 3
Teaching Computer Science in K-5 EDCI-629-235 3
Teaching Environmental Science EDCI-629-236 3
Teaching Media Literacy in a Post-Truth World EDCI-629-237 3
Teaching Research Writing in the Digital Age  EDCI-629-238 3
Teaching Western Civilization Part 1 EDCI-629-239 3
Teaching Western Civilization Part 2 EDCI-629-240 3
Understanding Our Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy  EDCI-629-241 3
An Effective Guide for Integrating Debate in the Classroom EDCI-629-242 3
Applying the Habits of Mind in the Classroom and Beyond EDCI-629-243 3
Classroom Management strategies for an Organized Classroom EDCI-629-244 3
Coaching Students Toward College  EDCI-629-245 3
Constructing and Evaluating a Curriculum EDCI-629-246 3
Co-Teaching Strategies EDCI-629-247 3
Creating a Classroom Space for Open Conversations EDCI-629-248 3
Enabling Self-Regulated Learning Through Journaling EDCI-629-249 3
ePortfolio Tools for the Classroom EDCI-629-250 3
Feedback is a Gift: Framing Difficult Conversations EDCI-629-251 3
Grading for Mastery: Guiding Students Though the Learning Process EDCI-629-252 3
Instructional Strategies for Diverse Student Populations EDCI-629-253 3
Preparing Students for College: Teaching Writing Across Content Areas EDCI-629-254 3
Strategies for Addressing Student Anxiety EDCI-629-255 3
Teaching Healthy Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity EDCI-629-256 3
Teaching Students of Military Families EDCI-629-257 3
Teaching Students with Low Functioning Autism EDCI-629-258 3
The Importance of Play and the Developing Child EDCI-629-259 3
Active Reading vs Passive Reading: Teaching Students to Become Better Readers EDCI-629-260 3
Beyond Survival Mode: Maintaining your Passion Throughout your Teaching Career EDCI-629-261 3
Cognitive Coaching in Education EDCI-629-262 3
Creating A Highly Effective Lesson Plan EDCI-629-263 3
Creating Meaningful Relationships & Setting Boundaries with Your Students EDCI-629-264 3
Designing Online Assessments for Students EDCI-629-265 3
Developing Civic Knowledge through Hands-on Community Service EDCI-629-266 3
Facilitating Communication: Accountable Talk for Elementary Students EDCI-629-267 3
Foster Artisitic Literacy Using National Core Arts Standards EDCI-629-268 3
Foster Teacher Collaboration with Small Groups EDCI-629-269 3
Highly Effective Questioning Strategies for Teachers EDCI-629-270 3
Motivating Unmotivated Students (Research and Practice) EDCI-629-271 3
RAMPing for Counselors EDCI-629-272 3
Teaching AP Classes EDCI-629-273 3
Teaching Computer Science 6-12 EDCI-629-274 3
Teaching for Rigor K-12 EDCI-629-275 3
Tech Tools for Math Classroom EDCI-629-276 3
4C's of Project Based Learning EDCI-629-277 3
The A in STEAM Stands for Art EDCI-629-278 3
Using Anchor Charts: Teaching Tools to Maximize Instruction and Differentiation EDCI-629-279 3

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Google Chrome Extensions: Leveraging Instructional Technology to Advance the Learning Experience EDCI 639-002 3
Google Classroom & Google+ Communities: Promoting Collaboration & Online Learning EDCI 639-003 3
Assisting Special Needs Learners with Instructional Technology EDCI 639-004 3
Visual Learners in the Digital Age: Digital Storytelling, Infographics.... EDCI 639-005 3
Enhancing the Reading Classroom with Technology EDCI 639-007 3
Game-Based Learning: Unleash Power Gaming in the Classroom EDCI 639-008 3
Genius Hour: Inquiry-Based Technology-Infused Learning Classroom EDCI 639-009 3
Getting the Most out of Google-Chrome EDCI 639-010 3
Instructional Technology for Flipped Learning: Interactive Engagement & Informative Feedback EDCI 639-011 3
21st Century Tools for Engagement EDCI 639-012 3
App Smashing:  Leveraging Tools to Max Par-Teach-Stu Comm EDCI 639-013 3
Blogging 101:  Digital Content Creation Tools for Stu & Teach EDCI 639-014 3
Digital Natives to Digital Citizens: Strat Dig Literacy in Any Classroom EDCI 639-015 3
Diving Deeper with Digital Devices:  Storytell Choices & Reflection Tools EDCI 639-016 3
G Suite for Education:  Integration and Application for Educ EDCI 639-017 3
Instant Relevance:  Using Today's Exp to Teach Tomorrow's Lessons EDCI 639-018 3
Technology-Infused Discussion Groups:Tools Enhance Student Discourse EDCI 639-019 3
Using G Suite to Enhance the 6-12 Math Classroom EDCI 639-020 3
Writing = Thinking:  Strategies for All Content Areas EDCI 639-021 3

ED Tech Tools for Creation and Collaboration

EDCI-639-022 1

Connected Educators: Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Professional Development

EDCI-639-023 3

Exploring the World Around us through Virtual Field 

EDCI-639-024 3

Methodologies and Best Practices for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

EDCI-639-025 3

Blogging Matters: Share Your Voice with the World

EDCI-639-026 3

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Achieving Success with English Language Learners EDCI 641-003 3
Across the Spectrum: Teaching Students with Autism EDCI 641-004 3
ADHD: Focusing, Learning, Teaching EDCI 641-005 3
Anytime, Anywhere: Today’s Learner EDCI 641-006 3
Assignment Homework: Where, When and Why? EDCI 641-007 3
Brain Works: Better Teaching with the Brain in Mind EDCI 641-008 3
Bringing Your Classroom Online: Best Practices to Get You There EDCI 641-009 3
Building Comprehension in the Primary Grades EDCI 641-010 3
Building Successful Readers in All Content Areas EDCI 641-012 3
Caring for the Mental Health of the Young Learner: Birth-Age 5 EDCI 641-013 1
Caring for the Mental Health of Your Students EDCI 641-014 1
Common Core: Successful Transition for Your 6-12 ELA Classroom EDCI 641-015 3
Conferring with Young Writers (PreK-2) EDCI 641-016 3
Create and Captivate: Using Online Presentations to Teach EDCI 641-017 3
Differentiated Learning: How to Teach to Varying Ability Levels EDCI 641-020 3
Differentiation and Grading EDCI 641-021 3
Effective Classroom Management: Discipline with Dignity EDCI 641-024 3
Excelling in the Early Childhood Classroom EDCI 641-027 3
Fully Wired: Understanding and Empowering Adolescents EDCI 641-029 3
Gender Matters: How Boys and Girls Learn EDCI 641-030 3
Good to Great: Principles of Great Teaching EDCI 641-031 3
In the Face of Poverty EDCI 641-033 3
Inclusion Strategies: Success in the Classroom EDCI 641-034 3
Instructional Strategies That Work EDCI 641-035 3
Lost in Translation: New Languages, New Learning EDCI 641-040 3
Math Works: Teaching Math with the Brain in Mind EDCI 641-041 3
One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for Your Classroom EDCI 641-042 3
Parent Trap: Achieving Success with Difficult Parents and Difficult Situations EDCI 641-043 3
Professional Learning Communities: Moving from Knowing to Doing EDCI 641-044 3
Reaching Young Readers: Improving Reading Skills K-3 EDCI 641-047 3
Reading for Understanding Grades 4-12 EDCI 641-048 3
Refocus and Recharge: Strategies for Finding Balance in Teaching EDCI 641-049 3
Shaping Respectful, Responsible Learners in Your Classroom EDCI 641-051 3
Sticks and Stones: The No-Bully Zone EDCI 641-052 3
Succeeding with the Struggling Student EDCI 641-053 3
Successful Strategies in Literacy EDCI 641-054 3
Super Sub: How to Succeed as a Substitute Teacher EDCI 641-055 2
Tapping the Talent: Working with Gifted Students EDCI 641-056 3
Teach Like a Champ: Effective Strategies for an Engaged Classroom EDCI 641-057 3
Teach Well, Learn Well: RTI EDCI 641-058 3
Teaching with Technology EDCI 641-059 1
Technology: Byte-Size, Big Learning EDCI 641-060 3
The Challenging Child: Strategies for the Early Childhood Classroom EDCI 641-061 3
The Culturally Competent Educator EDCI 641-063 3
The Driving Force: Keys to Developing a Motivating Classroom EDCI 641-064 3
The Future is Now: Re-visioning Skills for the 21st Century Classroom EDCI 641-065 3
The Sky’s the Limit: The Outdoor Classroom EDCI 641-067 3
The Write Foundation K-2 EDCI 641-068 3
The Write Stuff EDCI 641-069 3
The Writer’s Notebook Grades 4-12 EDCI 641-070 3
Virtual Field Tripping: Explore the World Without Leaving School EDCI 641-071 1
Web EDU EDCI 641-072 3
What Great Middle School Teachers Do EDCI 641-074 3
What Great Teachers Do EDCI 641-075 3
Words Matter: Using Teacher Language to Help Students EDCI 641-077 3
Co-Teaching: Partners in Practice EDCI 641-078 3
Engaging Parents for Student Success EDCI 641-079 3
Grief and Your Students: Honoring, Sharing, Healing EDCI 641-080 1
Flipping Your Classroom: Your Lessons, Your Learning EDCI 641-083 1
Learning to Learn: Student Skills for School and for Life EDCI 641-085 3
Unlocking Informational Text: Keys to Engagement EDCI 641-086 3
Raise the Bar: Positive Interventions for Students Who Challenge Us EDCI 641-087 3
PBIS 101 EDCI 641-088 3
Sparking Meaningful Mathematics Conversations EDCI 641-089 3
Leading Intentional Talk with Young Math Students EDCI 641-090 3
A Moving Body, A Thinking Brain EDCI 641-091 3
Moving Math: How to Use Different Math Stations EDCI 641-092 3
Neurodiversity: A New Approach for Students with Special Needs EDCI 641-093 3
Project Based Learning: Create, Collaborate & Innovate EDCI 641-094 3
Building a Dream Team: Effective Teacher Interviews EDCI 641-095 1
Data Does It: Improving Teaching and Learning EDCI 641-096 3
Clearing the Hurdles of Writing Instruction EDCI 641-097 3
Engaging Students with POP Culture EDCI 641-098 3
Mindsets Matter EDCI 641-099 3
Consumer to Creator:  Coding and Kids EDCI 641-100 1
Gaming in the Classroom:  Level up with Digital Natives EDCI 641-101 1
Making the Shift to STEM Education EDCI 641-102 3
Mindful Leadership in Schools EDCI 641-103 3
Special Education Law 101:  Rights of Students, Responsibilities of Educators EDCI 641-104 1
STEAM Education:  Integrating the Arts into Your Classroom EDCI 641-105 3
Teaching Science Inquiry Using the 5E Model EDCI 641-106 3
Hit "Play" for Podcasts in the Classroom EDCI 641-107 1
Extensions for Education:  Accessorize your Google Chrome EDCI 641-108 1
Youtube in the Classroom:  Beyond the Cute Cat Videos EDCI 641-109 1
The Road to School Improvement EDCI 641-110 3
Building Peace Through Resorative Practice in Schools EDCI 641-111 3
Trauma - Sensitive Teaching:  Helping Students Overcome Adverse Experiences  EDCI 641-112 3
Ready to Learn Through Self-Regulation EDCI 641-113 3
Writers Workshop:  Engage Students Using Mentor Texts and Writer's Notebooks EDCI 641-114 3
Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Lesson Planning: Reach Every Kid EDCI 641-115 3
Preliminary Ideas EDCI 641-116 3
Literacy and Learning EDCI 641-117 3
Conncecting and Creating in Your Online Classroom EDCI 641-118 1
Reaching Success: How to Support Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders EDCI 641-119 3
Equitable Learning with Assistive Technology in the Classroom EDCI 641-120 3
Stronger School Communities Through Improved Communication EDCI 641-121 3
Transitioning to Adulthood for Students with Disabilities: The Future is Bright EDCI 641-122 3
Increasing Comprehension with Close Reading in Your Classrm EDCI 641-123 2
Five Fabulous Skills for Your Students' Lifelong Success EDCI 641-124 3
Making Content Accessible for Your English Language Learners EDCI-641-125 3
One to One Instructional Coaching to Improve your Teaching:  Upping your game EDCI-641-126 2
Reaching Success:  How to Support Students with emotional & behavioral disorders EDCI-641-127 3
Strategies for Decreasing Teacher Burnout:  A resilience Revolution  EDCI-641-128 3
Stronger School Communities through Improved Communication EDCI-641-129 3
The Reading Fluency Toolbox EDCI-641-130 1
The Well-Connected Educator:  Building a Personal Learning Network EDCI-641-131 3
Thrive:  Supporting LGBTQ Students in School EDCI-641-132 3
Transitioning to Adulthood for Students with Disabilities: The Future is Bright EDCI-641-133 3
Victorious Vocabulary Instruction for Remarkable Reading EDCI-641-134 3
Creating an Inclusive Classroom for Students with Exceptionalities EDCI-641-135 3
Developing Expert Learners Through Personalized Learning EDCI-641-136 3
Digital Literacy:  Engaging Tech for Learning to Read and Reading to Learn EDCI-641-137 3
Mindsets & Math: Enjoyment & Achievement for All EDCI-641-138 3
Navigating Personalized Learning as a Leader EDCI-641-139 3
Reading Instruction for the Head & Heart EDCI-641-140 3
Social Media Responsibility:  Speaking the Language & Keeping Kids Healthy


The Mindful Approach EDCI-641-142 3
Think Like a Historian! Teaching Historical Investigations in Social Studies EDCI-641-143 3
Wholehearted Teachings:  Reigniting Your Passion for the Teaching Profession EDCI-641-144 3

For more information or to register for one of these courses, visit the PLS 3rd Learning home page at

Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Action Research for the Classroom Online
     (not available during summer months)
EDCI  631-001 3
Action Research for the E-Learning Environment Online
     (not available during summer months)
EDCI 631-002 3
Building Online Collaborative Environment Online EDCI 631-003 3
Cultural Competence: A Transformative Journey Online EDCI 631-004 3
Differentiated Instruction for Today’s Classroom Online EDCI 631-007 3
Educating the Net-Generation Online EDCI 631-008 3
Facilitating Online Learning Communities Online (Accelerated) EDCI 631-009 3
Instructional Design for Online Educators Online EDCI 631-012 3
Reading Across the Curriculum Online EDCI 631-014 3
Simulations and Gaming Technologies Online EDCI 631-015 3
Successful Teaching for Accepting Responsibility Online EDCI 631-017 3
Teaching the English Language Learner Online EDCI 631-019 3
Using Online Resources to Bring Primary Sources to the Classroom Online EDCI 631-020 3
Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences Online EDCI 631-023 3
Classroom Management: Orchestrating a Community of Learners Online EDCI 631-041 3
Teaching Through Learning Channels Online EDCI 631-042 3
Blended and Synchronous Learning Design Online EDCI 631-045 3
Foundations of Literacy—Beginning Read Online EDCI 631-047 3
Instructional Coaching Online EDCI 631-048 3

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Active and Hands-On Science Instruction (K-6) EDCI-624-001 3
Anti-Bullying Strategies for Primary Grades (K-3) EDCI-624-002 3
A Primary Teacher's Guide to Positive Discipline EDCI-624-003 3
Bullying: Awareness, Prevent & Intervention (Gr. 4-8) EDCI-624-004 3
Comprehension:  The Key to Successful Reading (K-3) EDCI-624-005 3
Comprehension Strategies for Middle & Upper Grades (4-12) EDCI-624-006 3
Designing and Creating a Virtual Field Trip EDCI-624-007 3
Differentiated Instruction:  One Size Does Not Fit All (K-6) EDCI-624-008 3
Educational Technology 101 (K-12) EDCI-624-009 3
Effective Strategies to Improve Student Writing (4-12) EDCI-624-010 3
Effectively Using iPads to Transform the Classroom (K-12) EDCI-624-011 3
Google as a Classroom Tool for Learning (K-12) EDCI-624-012 3
Improving Your Students' Test Taking Skills (2-12) EDCI-624-013 3
Integrating Interactive Whiteboards into the Curriculum EDCI-624-014 3
Introduction to the Common Core State Standards (K-12) EDCI-624-015 3
Making the Most of the Internet in the Classroom (K-12) EDCI-624-016 3
Multimedia Project Design and Development (K-12) EDCI-624-017 3
Positive Discipline: A Powerful Approach to Classrm Mgmt EDCI-624-018 3
Preparing Students for the Common Core Assessments (K-12) EDCI-624-019 3
Reaching Students Through Character Education EDCI-624-020 3
Reading to Learn: Developing Strategic Reading Skills (4-12) EDCI-624-021 3
Response to Intervention in Reading (K-6) EDCI-624-022 3
Study Smarter Not Harder: Study skills for Students (4-12) EDCI-624-023 3
Teaching Real World Math: Tools & Techniques Prim Gr EDCI-624-024 3
Teaching Students with Special Needs Mainstream Classroom (K-6) EDCI-624-025 3
Writers Workshop in the Elementary Classroom EDCI-624-026 3
A New Approach to Spelling Instruction (K-6) EDCI-624-027 3
Best Practices for a Successful 4-6 Gr Classroom (4-6) EDCI-624-028 3
Best Practices for a Successful Middle School Classroom (6-8) EDCI-624-029 3
Best Practices for a Successful Primary Classroom (K-3) EDCI-624-030 3
Classroom Management Survival Course (K-8) EDCI-624-031 3
Content Area Literacy:  Nonfiction Books in K-3 Classroom (K-3) EDCI-624-032 3
Designing and Creating a Math WebQuest EDCI-624-033 3
Designing and Creating a Science WebQuest EDCI-624-034 3
Designing and Creating a Social Studies WebQuest EDCI-624-035 3
Designing and Creating a WebQuest (3-12) EDCI-624-036 3
Developing Phonemic Awareness in Emergent Readers (PreK-2) EDCI-624-037 3
Effective Strategies for Emergent and Early Writers (PreK-3) EDCI-624-038 3
Effective Strategies for New Teachers (K-12) EDCI-624-039 3
Expository Writing:  Focus on Research Reports (4-12) EDCI-624-040 3
Focus on Phonics (K-3) EDCI-624-041 3
Hands-On Learning with Math Manipulatives EDCI-624-042 3
Helping Middle Grade Struggling Writiers Achieve Success (3-6) EDCI-624-043 3
How to Manage Your Classroom for Student Success (K-12) EDCI-624-044 3
Implementing Kindergarten Common Core Literature Standards EDCI-624-045 3
Implementing First Grade Common Core Literature Standards EDCI-624-046 3
Implementing Second Grade Common Core Literature Standards EDCI-624-047 3
Implementing Third Grade Common Core Literature Standards EDCI-624-048 3
Implementing Fourth Grade Common Core Literature Standards EDCI-624-049 3
Implementing Fifth Grade Common Core Literature Standards EDCI-624-050 3
Instructional Approaches for Literacy Development EDCI-624-051 3
Instructional Strategies for ELD and SPAIE (K-12) EDCI-624-052 3
Integrating the Internet and Multimedia EDCI-624-053 3
Math Solutions:  Implementing the Kindergarten Common Core Math Standards EDCI-624-054 3
Math Solutions:  Implementing the First Grade Common Core Math Standards EDCI-624-055 3
Math Solutions:  Implementing the Second Grade Common Core Math Standards EDCI-624-056 3
Math Solutions:  Implementing the Third Grade Common Core Math Standards EDCI-624-057 3
Math Solutions:  Implementing the Fourth Grade Common Core Math Standards EDCI-624-058 3
Math Solutions:  Implementing the Fifth Grade Common Core Math Standards EDCI-624-059 3
Putting SDAIE Theory into Practice (2-8) EDCI-624-060 3
Reading Interventions for Middle Grade Students EDCI-624-061 3
Reading Workshop Approach for Middle Grade Students (4-8) EDCI-624-062 3
Six Traits of Writing (K-6) EDCI-624-063 3
Teaching Struggling Readers: Identification, Intervention, and Remediation (K-3) EDCI-624-064 3
Technology-Based Projects 3-12 EDCI-624-065 3
The Flipped Classroom:  An Interactive Approach to Student Engagement (4-12) EDCI-624-066 3
The Fundamentals of Teaching ELD (K-5) EDCI-624-067 3
Using Children's Literature in the Classroom (K-12) EDCI-624-068 3
Vocabulary Instruction for Improved Reading Skills 4-12 EDCI-624-069 3
Word Play:  Vocabulary Instruction for the Primary Grades (K-3) EDCI-624-070 3
Write On!  Understanding Kindergarten Common Core Writing Standards EDCI-624-071 3
Write On!  Understanding 1st Grade Common Core Writing Standards EDCI-624-072 3
Write On!  Understanding 2nd Grade Common Core Writing Standards EDCI-624-073 3
Write On!  Understanding 3rd Grade Common Core Writing Standards EDCI-624-074 3
Write On!  Understanding 4th Grade Common Core Writing Standards EDCI-624-075 3
Write On!  Understanding 5th Grade Common Core Writing Standards EDCI-624-076 3
Young Adult Literature in the Classroom (4-12) EDCI-624-077 3
Math Problem Solving Strategies for Grades (3-6) EDCI-624-078 3
Using Microsoft Word in the Classroom EDCI-624-079 1
Using Microsoft Excel in the Classroom EDCI-624-080 1
Using Microsoft PowerPoint in the Classroom EDCI-624-081 1
Mastering the Text Complexity Challenge in Grades 4-8 (4-8) EDCI-624-082 3
Teaching Primary Grade Math Problem Solving Skills (K-2) EDCI-624-083 3
Digital Storytelling:  Using Technology to Write Stories (4-12) EDCI-624-084 3
Conquering Behavioral Challenges of Special Needs Students (K-2) EDCI-624-085 3
Learner-Centered Math Instruction Use Manipulatives (3-6) EDCI-624-086 3
Math Manipulatives in the Prim Classroom (K-2) EDCI-624-087 3
Reading Foundations for Emergent and Early Readers (PreK-2) EDCI-624-088 3
Math Solutions: Implementing 6th Grade Common Core Math Standards EDCI-624-089 3
Middle School Math Problem Solving (6-8) EDCI-624-090 3
The Next Generation Science Standards (K-12) EDCI-624-091 3
Using Google Classroom for Teaching and Learning (K-12) EDCI-624-092 3
Best Practices for a Successful High School Classroom (9-12) EDCI-624-093 3
Preparing English Language Learners (ESL/ELL/ENL) for Success (K-6) EDCI 624-094 3
Teaching STEM and NGSS at the Primary Level (K-2) EDCI 624-095 3
Unleashing the Power of the NGSS and STEM (3-5) EDCI 624-096 3
Engaging , Motivating, and Managing Your Students (4-8) EDCI 624-097 3
Character Education for the 21st Century (K-12) EDCI 624-098 3
Responsive Classroom Management in the Primary Grades (K-3) EDCI 624-099 3
Classroom Management Strategies for High School Teachers (9-12) EDCI-624-100 3
Mastering Google Apps for Education (K-12) EDCI-624-101 3
The Daily Five (K-3) EDCI-624-102 3
Vocabulary Building Strategies for Students (4-12) EDCI-624-103 3
Social Emotional Learning EDCI-624-104 3
Preparing Student with Special Needs to Meet the Standards (K-3) EDCI-624-105 3

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Teaching Students Responsible Behavior: Introduction to Choice Theory EDCI 632-051 3
Co-Operation and the Quality Classroom: Motivation and Learning EDCI 632-052 3
Teaching in the Quality Classroom: Enhancing Instruction EDCI 632-053 3
Responsibility, Respect, and Relationships: Creating Emotionally Safe Classrooms EDCI 632-054 3
Dealing with Discipline Problems: Classroom Management EDCI 632-055 3
Teaching in the 21st Century: New Solutions to New Problems EDCI 632-056 3
Improving Student Achievement: Teaching, Learning and Assessment EDCI 632-057 3
Building Home-School Relationships: Gaining Parental Support EDCI 632-059 3
Every Student Can Succeed: Making Learning Meaningful EDCI 632-060 3
Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom: Instructional Strategies for All Students  EDCI 632-061 3
Differentiated Instructional Strategies: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Learners EDCI 632-062 3
Differentiated Assessment Strategies: Identifying Learners' Strengths and Needs EDCI 632-063 3
Introduction to Differentiation: Applying Learner-Centered Instruction EDCI 632-064 3
Creating a Professional Portfolio: Showcasing Your Teaching Strengths EDCI 632-065 3
Differentiation and Literacy: Teaching Reading and Writing EDCI 632-066 3
Classroom of Choice: Managing the Learning Environment EDCI 632-067 3
Teaching Students Responsible Behavior Part II: Social-Emotional Learning EDCI 632-068 3

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
ED, LD, and Mental Health Issues in the Regular Classroom: Tips for Teachers EDCI 644-001 3
Helping Boys Succeed in School EDCI 644-002 3
How Teachers Can Break the Cycle of Bullying EDCI 644-003 3
How to Help Children with Co-existing Neuro Behavioral Disorders in the Classroom EDCI 644-004 3
Immediate Solutions for Middle School and Secondary Classroom Management EDCI 644-005 3
Motivating Underachievers EDCI 644-006 3
PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports): Introduction and Implementation EDCI 644-007 3
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): Introduction and Implementation EDCI 644-008 3
Response to Intervention (RTI) – Changing How We Do Business  EDCI 644-009 3
Solving Friendship Problems : A Teacher's Toolkit EDCI 644-010 3
Teaching Young Children with ADHD EDCI 644-011 3
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders EDCI 644-012 3
Common Core State Standards: An Overview and Look Forward EDCI 644-013 3
Building Growth Mindsets in the Classroom EDCI 644-014 3
Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessments, Rubrics, and More! EDCI 644-015 3
Differentiation in Middle and High School Classrooms: Strategies to Engage ALL Learners EDCI 644-016 3
Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom EDCI 644-017 3
PBIS:  Introduction and Implementation EDCI 644-018 3
Reaching and Teaching Students with Challenging Behavior (K-8) EDCI 644-019 3
The Driving Force: How to Make Decisions with Different Kinds of Student Assessment Data EDCI 644-020 3
UDL (Universal Design Learning) in Action EDCI 644-021 3
Vocabulary for the Common Core (K-8) EDCI 644-022 3

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Connecting Beyond the Traditional Classroom EDCI 643-001 3
Collaboration in the Classroom: An Introduction to Google Apps EDCI 643-002 3
Rigorous Assessments with Online Resources EDCI 643-003 3
The Blended Learning Classroom EDCI 643-004 3
Integrating Technology into the Common Core EDCI 643-005 3
The iPad Revolution EDCI 643-006 3
Teaching in the Interactive Classroom EDCI 643-007 3
The 21st-Century Secondary Educator EDCI 643-008 3
Chromebooks in Your Classroom EDCI 643-009 3
Communicating with a Classroom Blog EDCI 643-010 3
KidPads EDCI 643-011 3
QR Codes in the Classroom EDCI 643-012 3
@yourclassroom - Social Media for Education EDCI 643-013 3
Flipping Your Classroom EDCI 643-014 3
Project Based Learning in the 21st Century Classroom EDCI 643-016 3
Special Education and Technology EDCI 643-017 3
KidPads 2.0 EDCI 643-018 3
The 21st Century Research Project EDCI 643-019 3
Exploring Google Maps and Google Earth for Your Classroom EDCI 643-020 3

Elementary EdTech Explorers

EDCI 643-021 3
Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Classroom EDCI 643-022 3
Pencils are in the Past! Using Video for our 21st Century Learners EDCI 643-023 3

VESi courses are tablet compatible!

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
Advanced Classroom Management: Children as Change Agents EDCI 635-001 2
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Information & Interventions for Effective Teaching EDCI 635-002 2
Autism & Asperger's Disorder: Information & Effective Intervention Strategies EDCI 635-003 2
Behavior is Language: Strategies for Managing Disruptive Behavior EDCI 635-004 3
Child Abuse: Working with Abused & Neglected Children EDCI 635-005 2
Drugs & Alcohol in Schools: Understanding Substance Use & Abuse EDCI 635-006 2
Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services EDCI 635-007 2
Early Childhood: Observation & Assessment EDCI 635-008 3
Early Childhood: Program Planning EDCI 635-009 3
Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical Development EDCI 635-010 3
Educational Assessment: Assessing Student Learning in the Classroom EDCI 635-011 2
Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools EDCI 635-012 2
Inclusion: Working with Students with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms EDCI 635-013 2
Infant & Toddler Mental Health: Issues & Information for Educators EDCI 635-014 2
Learning Disabilities: Practical Information for the Classroom Teacher EDCI 635-015 3
Reading Fundamentals #1: An Introduction to Scientifically-based Research EDCI 635-016 2
Reading Fundamentals #2: Laying the Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction EDCI 635-017 2
Reading Fundamentals #3: The Elements of Effective Reading Instruction & Assessment EDCI 635-018 3
Talented & Gifted: Working with High Achievers EDCI 635-019 2
Teaching Diversity: Influences & Issues in the Classroom EDCI 635-020 2
Traumatized Child: The Effects of Stress, Trauma & Violence on Student Learning EDCI 635-021 2
Understanding Aggression: Coping with Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom EDCI 635-022 3
Violence in Schools EDCI 635-023 2
Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually EDCI 635-024 2
Why DI?: An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction EDCI 635-026 3
Reading and Writing in the Content Area EDCI 635-028 2
Try DI!: Planning & Preparing a Differentiated Instruction Program EDCI 635-029 3
Understanding and Implementing Common Core Standards EDCI 635-030 3
Response to Intervention: Practical Information for the Classroom Teacher EDCI 635-031 3
Six Traits of Writiing Model: Teaching & Assessing EDCI 635-032 3
Teaching Secondary Math Conceptually: Meeting Mathematics Standards EDCI 635-033 3

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Course Title Course Acronym Credits
ABCs of Higher Expectations for Elementary English Language Arts (Gr K-5) EDCI 623-001 3
Academic Achievement for English Language Learners (ELLs) EDCI 623-002 3
Academic Discourse for All Students, Grades 6-12 EDCI 623-003 3
Addressing Higher Expectations for Secondary English Language Arts (Grades 6-12) EDCI 623-004 3
Anti-Bullying:  Guiding Girls through Relational Aggression Grades K-12 EDCI 623-005 3
Blended Learning, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-006 3
Building Academic Vocabulary & Deep Comprehension Grades K-5 EDCI 623-007 3
Building Academic Vocabulary and Deep Comprehension, Grades 6-12 EDCI 623-008 3
Challenging Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-009 3
Classroom Management Keeping it Positive (Elementary) EDCI 623-010 3
Classroom Management: Keeping it Positive, Grades 6-12 EDCI 623-011 3
Close Reading Made Easy for English Language Arts, Grades 2-5 EDCI 623-012 3
Complex Textual Reading Made Easy, Grades 6-12 EDCI 623-013 3
Creating Enthusiastic Student Writers Gr 3-5 EDCI 623-014 3
Creating Learning Classrooms for Today’s Students, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-015 3
Creating Student Innovators, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-016 3
Developing Mathematical Expertise in a Problem-Centered Classroom EDCI 623-017 3
Developing Students’ Mathematical Habits of Mind, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-018 3
Strategies for Assessment-Driven Differentiated Instruction, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-019 3
Engage Your Students With Project-Based Learning (PBL) EDCI 623-020 3
Engaging Parents In Support of Student Learning, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-021 3
Engaging Students with Writers Workshops, Grades 6-8 EDCI 623-022 3
Getting Started with a STEM Classroom, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-023 3
Helping the Struggling Reader Succeed in Grades 4-12 EDCI 623-024 3
Highly Effective Writing Instruction for Secondary ELA Classrooms EDCI 623-025 3
Increasing Student Engagement: Planning Outside the Box, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-026 3
Teaching Literacy Across Content Areas, Grades 6-12 EDCI 623-027 3
Meeting ELL Students' Needs in Today's Classroom, Gr K-12 EDCI 623-028 3
Addressing Attention Deficits in the Classroom, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-029 3
Preparing Students For More Rigorous Math Assessments, Grades 3-10 EDCI 623-030 3
Raising Rigor In Your Classroom, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-031 3
Foundations of an Engaging Literacy Elementary Classroom EDCI 623-032 3
SCHOOL Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Program, Grades Pre-K-5 EDCI 623-033 3
Strategies for Assessment-Driven Differentiated Instruction, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-034 3
Teaching Mathematics With Rigor and Results, Grades 3-10 EDCI 623-035 3
21st Century Learning and the 4Cs; Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity (Grades K-12) EDCI 623-036 3
Equalizing Mathematics through Differentiated Instruction, Grades K-12 EDCI 623-037 3
Building Academic Language Skills and English Language Learners (ELL) through Dialogue, Discussion, and Discourse EDCI 623-038 3
An Introduction to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Grades K-12 EDCI 623-039 3
Meeting the Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Grades K-12 EDCI 623-040 3