Virtual Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Welcome to the School of Education at Andrews University! We know that learning about the policies, procedures, and systems of a new place can be challenging. We have created this Virtual Adjunct Faculty Orientation (VAFO) system as a "one stop shop" for this information. As a new adjunct faculty member of the School of Education, we ask that you please read through this material, which has been divided into bite-sized modules. Once you have read all of the modules, we would like you to sign and submit a verification form stating that you have read all of the modules and completed the VAFO.

The modules for the VAFO are as follows:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Policies, Procedures, & Forms
  3. Course Planning & Delivery
  4. Staying Connected (Resources)
  5. Completion Form

These modules can be selected by clicking on them in the list above or in the menu on the left side of each page.

Thank you in advance for completing this valuable orientation.


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