Andrews International Center for Educational Research (AICER) is housed in the School of Education at Andrews University.  It endeavors to facilitate, generate, disseminate and apply research in education fulfilling both the charter of the School of Education and Andrews University's international educational commitments.  Adventist educators both within and outside the global Adventist educational system will benefit from their partnership and interaction with the Center, and will contribute to improve educational practice throughout the world.

The research function encompasses identifying and conducting research, promoting rigorous scholarly discussion and analysis, providing peer-reviewed analysis and critique, of current and emerging educational issues. The Center also facilitates research design analysis, consultation and networking.  The dissemination of the Center activities and research findings are communicated through symposia/webinars, and publications through both physical and on-line media.

Research outcomes are applied around the world in curriculum development projects, development of educational materials and learning technologies. AICER invites educational researchers to collaborate in the fulfillment of its goals.