Collaborative Educational Research

Andrews International Center for Educational Research (AICER) invites scholars to conduct collaborative educational research in a variety of critical areas. One of our main goals is to link educational researchers with educators within and outside the global Adventist educational system to use research to help improve educational practice throughout the world. We would like you to join in this collaborative work. We bring scholars together to condurct research and disseminate research findings to global markets via presentations, webinars, publications and in-service workshops. Researchers who affiliate with the Center will participate within their areas of expertise as research team members and the teams will define the types of projects to be undertaken (see below).  Members can join as Research Fellows, Research Affiliates, or Research Associates.  If you wish to join, please visit "Becoming a Member" to view the criteria.


Research Group Research Profil 
Administration/Leadership Educational Leadership, Staff Development,
Christian Education Higher Education, PK-12 Schools, Church-based Education programs, Trends in K-12 Education, Philosophy of Christian Education
Design & Development in Education Educational Policy, Educational Strategic Planning International & Comparative Education,
Evaluation & Assessment

Educational Program /Educational Institutions

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

 Curriculum Theory, Curriculum, Teaching Methods, Integration of Faith & Learning, Service Learning, Student Learning & Assessment

Technology Integration in Education Technology in the classroom
Other Career Counseling in Schools