Conceptual Framework

002.1 School of Education Conceptual Framework

All programs, curricula, and courses in the School of Education are guided by the SED Conceptual Framework.

The Conceptual Framework is reviewed as needed.  Additions, deletions, or changes are made only by approval at an SED-wide faculty meeting.

Because it is important for SED candidates to be aware of how their coursework is guided by the SED Conceptual Framework, it is policy that the Conceptual Framework be referenced in every SED syllabus.

The Elements of the Conceptual Framework are outlined in a short document (Conceptual Framework Summary), displayed in a graphic representation (Conceptual Framework Graphic Representation), and detailed in a longer document (Conceptual Framework).  The knowledge base of the Conceptual Framework is supported by an extensive reference list, which is included in the Conceptual Framework document.