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What Is LiveText and Why Are We Using It?

  • During the 2007-2008 school year, the faculty of the School of Education sought to enrich our assessment plan by improving program effectiveness and enhancing candidate learning within all SED programs. This assessment plan extends our mission to prepare educators to make a difference by our commitment to fostering the values of scholarship, leadership, and Christian service within our students.
  • In addition, this assessment plan is integral to meeting standards for the Michigan State Board of Education, several specialized professional associates, and achieving accreditation from NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education), CACREP, and NASP.

LiveText, in Summary

  • There are many important benefits to using LiveText. LiveText is an extremely flexible web-based/online tool designed to help you enhance your educational experience and professional opportunities. The most basic uses for LiveText are as: an organization and productivity tool; a collaboration tool; a portfolio tool; an assignment creation and assessment tool that supports data-driven decision-making; and as a course management tool including lesson planning and access to online video resources.
  • In essence, LiveText can be described as a boundless "My Documents" that lives on the web. You can store whatever you like there, organize it however you wish, access it anytime - from any computer with Internet access - anywhere in the world, and know that your work is backed up at least daily. LiveText requires your computer (either PC or Mac) to have a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and an Internet connection.