Degree Courses Overview

The Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum department offers a selection of courses in the summer for teachers and educators working on Masters degrees through the School of Education. These are open to both on campus and in-service teachers. The listing below provides a preview of the online learning experience in these courses. Please note that syllabi on the Andrews Course Schedule and within your course in LearningHub are the final version of the delivery methods and requirements in your course. 

These are for Summer 2018! Next year will be posted by February 2019.

Course Format

Most courses offered for online degrees are Zoom Interactive Online courses, which have required times to be online. Most courses are offered Jun 18, 2018 - Jul 27, 2018. 

Courses which can be counted towards a Degree:

Courses which may be used towards an MS in SPED:

Courses which may be used towards an MA in Curriculum & Instruction:

Courses which can be used for an MAT with emphasis in Reading:


Courses which can be used for an MA in Educational Leadership: