EDCI 645 Adv Diag & Educ Therapy in Rdg

Note: These course details are for summer 2018. Details for next summer will be posted by February 2019.
Course Description: Advanced course for diagnosis and remediation or prevention of reading disabilities.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
  1. Graham, S. & Harris, K. (2005).  Writing better:  Effective strategies for teaching students with learning difficulties.  Baltimore, MD, Brookes Publishing. ISBN:  13-978-1-55766-704-5
  2. Honig, B., Diamond, L., & Gutlohn, L (2011).  CORE; Teaching reading sourcebook (2nd ed.). Novato, CA, Arena Press. ISBN:  9781571286901
  3.  Diamond, L. & Thorsnes, B.J. (Editors) (2008). Assessing reading multiple measures: For all educators working to improve reading achievement. Novato, California: Arena Press.  ISBN:  9781571284648

Course Delivery Details

Field Experience: Yes, 10-20 hours of assessing and intervening with a student/s
Courses Dates and Schedule:
  • Overall: June 18 - July 27
  • June 18 - June 29: Pre-reading with assignments due at the end of each week
  • July 2 - July 27: Synchronous Zoom Live Meetings/face to face - see syllabus for more information
  • Buy the books and begin reading.
  • Find two children to assess and one to assess and intervene upon.
Resources for Positive Online Experience:

Registration and Contacts

Dr. Luana Gruelich Registration: All registrations for in-service teachers must be approved and processed through your union registrar. Questions? Contact Jeannie Wolfer, at wolferj@andrews.edu or (269) 471-3599.

Professor: Dr. Luana Gruelich