SPED 525/GDPC 525 - Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children

Note: These course details are for summer 2018. Details for next summer will be posted by February 2019.
Course Description: A comprehensive survey of the psychological and educational needs of exceptional children. Strategies for incorporating an exceptional student into regular classroom and for supporting the exceptional child in the community. Students are also required to register for GDPC525 PO2 which is the practicum portion of this class and entails 25 hours in a regular or special education classroom.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Human Growth and Development
  1. Hallahan, D. P., Kauffman, J. M. & Pullen, P. C. (2015).  Exceptional Learners: An introduction to special education.  Boston, MA: Pearson Publishing.  ISBN-13:  978-0-13-357104-2  ISBN010:  0-13-357104-1

Course Delivery Details

Field Experience: Yes, 25 hours of experience in a special education setting (school, camp, workplace, inclusion setting, hospital, clinic, work program)
Courses Dates and Schedule:
  • Overall: June 18 - July 27
  • June 18 - June 29: Pre-reading, interviews and placement for field experience.  
  • July 2 - July 27: Synchronous Zoom Live Meetings/face to face - Mon-Thu from 1:00-3:30

Registration and Contacts

Dr. Luana Greulich Registration: All registrations for in-service teachers must be approved and processed through your union registrar. Questions? Contact Jeannie Wolfer, at wolferj@andrews.edu or (269) 471-3599.

Professor: Dr. Luana Greulich