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Secondary Education (BS/BA)

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Preparing Competent, Compassionate, Committed Educators.

Pre-Teacher Peparation Status
As an undergraduate you will enjoy pre-Teacher Preparation status until you are formally admitted into the Teacher Preparation program. This typically occurs during the sophomore year. Each student must pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Basic Skills Exam and formally apply to the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Majors & Minors: Secondary Certification

Secondary Certification with a BA or BS Degree
If you want to teach on the secondary school level (grades 7-12), you may choose to pursue Secondary Certification through the School of Education with either a BA or BS degree. You will complete a major and a minor in addition to taking general education courses and professional education courses.

Subject Content BA Majors BS Majors Minors
Behavioral Science (Behavioral Studies)   40cr 24cr
Biology   40cr 22cr
Bilingual Education in Spanish (K-12)*     24cr
Chemistry   40cr 20cr
Communication Arts 36-38cr   20cr
Computer Science   40cr 22cr
English 36cr   21cr
French (K-12 Major) 30cr   21cr
Integrated Science**   38cr  
History 38CR   20CR
Mathematics   39CR 20CR
Mathematics Education   30CR 20CR
Music Education (K-12) B.Mus 70cr    
Physics   40cr 20cr
Political Science     21cr
Religion (SDA cert. only) 56cr   20cr
Social Studies   56cr  
Sociology     20cr
Spanish (K-12 major) 30cr   21cr
Visual Arts Education (K-12)   56cr  

*Endorsement program only
**Must be accompanied with a Biology, Chemistry, or Physics Minor


Student Teaching Semester
During your time at Andrews you will devote a minimum of 15 weeks to student-teaching. This experience includes full-time observation, participation, and teaching under supervision in an elementary or secondary school. The department will assist in finding placement for you in a local school; assignments are available in both public and private educational institutions. This is a time when you solely focus on teaching responsibilities

First Days of School Experience
This program focuses specifically on the weeks surrounding the first days of school. It provides direct answers to every pre-service teacher's question, "What do I actually do during the first days and weeks of school?" The program includes practical application of classroom management theories. Your professors will emphasize the tasks teachers must perform in the weeks before school opens, organizing and conducting the all-important first day, and the tasks teachers encounter during the initial weeks of school.
The skills you will learn include:

• Short and long range planning
• Constructing units of instruction
• Selecting materials and supplies
• Organizing and managing the classroom
• Establishing discipline procedures
• Record keeping 

Resources & Affiliations

Expect to develop a close relationship with an academic advisor. Your advisor will provide you with resources and assistance as you choose classes, look for jobs and volunteer work, and navigate challenges during your educational experience.

Counseling & Testing Center
To help you better explore options, our Counseling and Testing Center offers a number of professionally certified aptitude, personality, and psychological tests. You should take severall tests, rather than just one. This will allow you to receive a more complete picture of your preferences, profile, and career options. In the end, you should be able to combine your test results with your intuitive feel and reach some very important decisions.

Student Success Center
A vital support unit of Andrews University, the Student Success Center, coordinates a variety of services to help students reach their full potential. This includes tutoring, testing, academic counseling, and a support system to help you find your way successfully through college.

Program Approvals
Andrews University is approved for teacher education and certification by:

Consortium for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching and Technology
Andrews University is a founding member of the Michigan-based Consortium for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching and Technology (COATT). This consortium of higher education institutions exists to promote the use of technology in P-12 schools. COATT issues certificates of recognition for pre-service and in-service teachers who demonstrate and exemplary use of technology in teaching.