EdS in Curriculum & Instruction

Degree Requirements

EdS Background Courses: 17 credits

EDCI545 Assessment & Evaluation of Learning—3
EDCI547 Foundations of Curriculum Studies—3
EDCI565 Improving Instruction—2
EDCI620 Systems Concepts & Change—3
EDCI650 Curriculum Design and Development—3
EDFN500 Philosophical Foundations in Education & Psychology—3

EdS Core: 15 credits

EDCI606 Teaching in Higher Education—2
Program Evaluation—3
EDCI665 Advanced Instructional Models—1–3
EDCI686 Curriculum Past & Present—3
EDCI725  Doctoral Orientation Seminar—1
EDCI795 Specialist Portfolio—1
EDCI884 Internationalizing Curriculum Studies—3

EdS Specialization: 8–12 credits

Electives are selected by advisement to expand personal development within targeted roles. Examples of specializations and cognates for the EdS degree are listed below with those for the doctoral degrees.

EdS Foundations: 3 credits

GDPC514 Psychology of Learning—3

EdS Research: 7-9 credits

EDRM505 Research Methods and Stats in Educ & Psychology I—3
EDRM611 Research Methods and Stats in Educ & Psychology II—3
EDCI799 Advanced Project—1–3

EdS Electives: 8-14 credits
TOTAL EdS degree credits—64