Integrated Science Minor

29 credits

The Michigan Department of Education requirements for this minor have changed. This new minor has been submitted to the State for approval. All students with this minor will be expected to meet the requirements in effect  for this minor at the time of graduation. Contact your advisor for further details.

Advising for this minor is done by the department of TLC.

Required Courses:

Life/Science biology - 9 credits

BIOL165 Foundations of Biology - 5

BIOL208 Environmental Science - 4

Physical Science - 8 credits

CHEM110 Intro to Organic & Inorganic Chemistry - 4

PHYS115 Mythbusting - 4

Earth/Space Science - 8 credits

BIOL330 History of Earth and Life

PHYS110 Astronomy - 4

Integrated Science - 4 credits

IDSC456 Integrated Science - 4

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