Social Studies Major (Sec Ed)

56 credits

(This major contains a built-in minor in History)

Advisement for this major is done by the Department of History and Political Science)

BHS235 Culture, Place and Interdependence -3

ECON225 Principles of Macroeconomics - 3

ECON226 Principles of Microeconomics - 3

GEOG110 Survey of Geography - 3

GEOG260 Cultural Geography - 3

HIST117 Civilizations and Ideas I - 3

HIST118 Civilizations and Ideas II - 3

HIST204 American Experience I - 3

HIST205 American Experience II - 3

HIST235 Historical Inquiry - 3

HIST404 Adventist Heritage - 3

HIST459 Special Meth in Teaching History and Soc Studies - 3

HIST490 Research Seminar - 3

PLSC104 American Government - 3

PLSC225 Comparatives Politics - 3 or

PLSC230 International Relations - 3

SOCI430 Gender Roles in Contemporary Society - 3


One upper division United States History course.

One upper division European or other non U.S. history course.

remaining credits should be chosen form history, political science, geography and economics.

The Major Field Achievement Test in history must be taken by all majors in their senior year.

All students with this major will be expected to meet the requirements in effect for this major at the time of graduation.

The State of Michigan Recommends that students pass MTTC subjects exams in history, geography, economics, and political science.

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