Status, Admittance & Requirements

Pre-Teacher Preparation Status

All undergraduate students admitted into the School of Education are in a Pre-Teacher Preparation status until they are formally admitted into the teacher preparation program. Only the following teacher preparation courses can be taken without admission to the program or special permission and must be taken in this order: EDTE165, EDTE228, EDPC302 and EDTE408.

Admittance into the Teacher Preparation Program

A formal application for admittance into the teacher preparation program must be submitted to the Department of TLC. This should be done no later than the sophomore year or during the first semester of course work for transfer and graduate students. The Basic Skills portion of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) must be passed before the admittance to the teacher Preparation Program.

Special Requirements for School of Education Students

Applicants who do not qualify for regular or provisional admission to the School of Education due to low GPA may apply to the School of Education to take classes on semester by semester basis. After achieving a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.75 for at least one semester (minimum 12 credits), the applicant may apply through the Admissions Office for regular admission to the School of Education.

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