General Education Core Requirements

The School of Education philosophy of general education is to give the prospective teacher the balance, perspective, and understanding of a well educated person- to free him/her from bias, intolerance, and ignorance about humanity's world environment. Such education should acquaint the student with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for independent and reflective thought so essential for successful living in today's complex world.

General Education Requirements - 58+

Religion - 12*

RELT100, 225, RELH400+ or RELT308. Note if you take RELT308 you will need HIST404 as well. An additional 3-credit class chosen in consultation with your SED advisor.

Language/Communication - 9-13

ENGL115, 215; COMM104 or 450 (recommended); Foreign Language (BA only)Intermediate Level

History - 3


Fine Arts/Humanities - 5

ENGL205 (2 or 3); one course from Studio Art(3), MUHL214, Ensemble Music(3), PHTO115, PHTO210

Life/Physical Sciences - 8

Take one course from Life Science and one from Physical Science

Mathematics - 3

MATH145 or MATH220

Computer Literacy

INFS120 or competency exam

Service - 4


Social Sciences - 9

GEOG110, PLSC104, EDPC302

Fitness Education - 3

HLED120 plus two activity courses

(*) Religion Credits for Transfer Students. Students must take one religion course each school year or school-year equivalent. Transfer students must take one course per year of residency or full-time equivalent at Andrews University college University.

(+)RELH400 covers both RELT308 and HI but will not replace HIST404 if it is a requirement for a major or minor.