Planned Program Minor

20 credits

(all courses must be completed)

EDTE228 Strat for Educ Exceptional & Diverse Learners - 3

EDTE418 Methods for Teaching Beginning Reading - 3

EDTE420 Literacy Intervention Strategies - 3

EDTE424 Classroom Testing and Evaluation - 2

EDTE448 Methods of Integ Arts & Movement in Elementary Curr - 3

EDTE476 Methods for Integrating Instructional Tech - 2

EDTE480 First Days of School Experience - 2

ENGL407 Literature for Children - 2 or 3

GEOG110 Survey of Geography - 3 or

GEOG475 Regional Geography:_________ - 3 or

MATH145 Reasoning with Functions - 3 or

MATH220 Geometry and Numbers - 3

The planned program minor consists of a group of courses related to teaching in the elementary school and is required by the state of Michigan. All courses listed must be completed either in the Planned Program minor or in other areas of the degree requirements. The total credits in the planned program minor must be at least 20.

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