Admission to Student Teaching Semester

Student Teaching Semester


During your time at Andrews you will devote a minimum of 15 weeks to student-teaching. This experience includes full-time observation, participation, and teaching under supervision in an elementary or secondary school. The department will assist in finding placement for you in a local school; assignments are available in both public and private educational institutions. This is a time when you focus solely on teaching responsibilities.


The director of student teaching presents to the Certification, Screening, and Petitions Committee the prospective student teacher's candidacy for clearance to begin student teaching.

  1. This clearance should be made the semester before the student begins the student teaching experience.
  2. Before being cleared for student teaching, students must meet the following criteria:

    • Admission to student teaching candidacy
    • Completion of the approved course of study
    • Passing scores on MTTC Subject Area Exams
    • Completion of all transfer and correspondence courses at least one month before the student teaching semester begins
    • Submission of OFFICIAL transcripts for any course work completed at another institution.
  3. The minimum GPA required for admission to the teacher preparation program must be maintained.
  4. Clearance in regard to felony and misdemeanor conviction as an adult must be demonstrated. A new form must be signed at this time even though one was filed previously.


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