Resources & Textbooks

              The Power of Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy Resources & Textbooks

Required for Students: (nonstudents - purchase at your choice- upon arrival - at AU bookstore)

  1. Dail, Clarence and Charles S. Thomas, Hydrotherapy-Simple Treatments or  Simple Remedies for the Home
  2. White, Ellen G., A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education.

Recommended Reading:

  1. White, Ellen G. Counsels on Health
  2. White, Ellen G. The Ministry of Healing
  3. White, Ellen G. Healthful Living
  4. White, Ellen G. Counsels on Diet and Food
  5. White. Ellen G. Selected Messages, vol. 2.
  6. White, Ellen G., Medical Ministry
  7. Balanced Living PowerPoint series: Features 26 Wellness topics, each with a short version (5 min) and a longer version (20 Min). Also available are 5 to 7 minute plug n' play's
  8. Dail, Clarence Thomas. Hydrotherapy-Simple Treatments or Simple Remedies for the Home
  9. DeRose, David. 2016. 30 Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control. Compass Health Consultants.
  10. Griffin, MPA, MACN, Vicki. Karen Allen, PhD, RN, FAAN, Paul Musson, MD, Evelyn Kissinger, MS, RD. 2007. Living Free: Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt. Hamlin Company.
  11. Kissinger, MS, RD, Evelyn. 2017. Change Your Body One Bite at a Time.
  12. Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, Wesley. Goodbye Diabetes. Hello Healthy.

Resource List:

  1. Craig, PhD, R Winston. Nutrition and Wellness: A Vegetarian Way to Better Health, Flavonoids, Foods and Your Future, The Use and Safety of Common Herbs and Herbal Teas, and Herbs for Your Health (2nd Edition).
  2. Davids, RD, Brenda. Becoming Vegetarian and Becoming Vegan.
  3. Greger, MD, Michael. 2016. How Not to Die.

  4. Mackey, MD, John. 2017. The Whole Foods Diet.

  5. Nedley, MD, Neil. Proof Positive. The Lost Art of Thinking and Depression: The Way Out.
  6. Ornish, MD, Dean. 2010.  Reversing Heart Disease and Reversing Diabetes.
  7. Thompson, PhD. Susan. 2017. Bright Line Eating.
  8. Youngbert, DrPH, MPH, Wesley. Goodbye Diabetes. Hello Healthy.


  1. General Conference Health Ministry:
  2. Gregoer, MD, Michael. Nutrition Facts Video:
  3. Harding, RD, M.Div. Fred:
  4. Lifestyle Matters: http://
  5. Michigan Conference Health Ministry:
  6. NAD Health Ministry:
  7. Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine:
  8. Positive Choices:
  9. Weimar Health Institute:
  10. http://www.Health


Poplular Videos on Plant-based Diets:

  1. Forks Over Knives
  2. SuperSize Me
  3. Fed Up
  4. Cowspiracy
  5. What the Health
  6. In Defense of Food
  7. Plant Pure Nation
  8. Food, Inc
  9. Newstart:

Health Fair Banners:

  1. Health Education Resource:

Community Health Seminars:

  1. Adventist Recovery Ministries: Journey to Wholeness. Overcoming addictions with the 12-step model.
  2. Balanced Living Power Point Series. Features 26 wellness topics, each with a short version (5 min) and a longer version (20 min). Also available are 5 to 7 minute plug n' play's.
  3. CHIP: Community Health Improvement Program:
  4. Depression Recovery:
  5. Diabetes:
  6. Full Plate Diet: Weight Control:
  7. Michigan Conference Lifestyle Matters Balanced Living Power Point Series: or 1-888-624-LIFE
  8. WIN! Wellness. John and Millie Youngberg:


  1. Anthony, Mark. 2018. Simple Incredible Flavor. Homes Printing.
  2. Bermeo, LuAnn. 2005. Amazing Meals. 700+ pages of exciting, innovative, delicious, plant-based recipes.
  3. Bivens, RD, Tami. 2016. From Plant to Plate. Life & Health Network.
  4. Howard, Stephanie. Give Them Something Better and Kidlicious.
  5. Kissinger, MS, RD, Evelyn. 2017. Change Your Body One Bite at a Time.
  6. Rachor, JoAnn. Of These Ye May Freely Eat and Crock-pot Cooking.

Supplies Available:

  • various lab supplies used for the hands on labs are available for sale to the participants at the end of the workshop
  • cash preferred; no credit cards