The Christian Leadership Center (CLC) envisions leadership training as a transformative process that takes time. In between the workshop segments and the group meetings, coaches journey with the developing leader to assist clients in the application of what is being learned and the integration of new ideas into thought-systems and behaviors.

We all know the experience of attending an inspiring class or conference or workshop, coming away excited about the ways we might apply what we have learned, then seeing those new behaviors gradually extinguished over the next few days and weeks until we are right back to doing things the way we did before we attended the event. CLC Coaching is designed to prevent the common experience and to make application, integration and change the rule rather than the exception.

Coaching helps the "client" close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. The coach is skillful in asking the questions that mobilize resources and avoid pitfalls so that the client can, and does get where they want to go. In this coaching model, the client is the "pilot" who decides where the airplane will go and the coach is the "co-pilot" who is dedicated assisting the "pilot" in whatever is necessary to arrive at the destination.

CLC Coaching is done by a combination of telephone, fax and internet. This is not only convenient and cost-effective, but productive. The coaching call is placed by the client each week, three weeks a month, and lasts about 40 minutes. Fax machine and internet allow the coach and the client to exchange written materials and visual aids. The client prepares for each coaching session by completing a pre-session worksheet so the time is used efficiently and zeros in on the clients needs and concerns.

Coaching provides the ongoing connection to CLC that insures the leadership development program brings real and lasting change to the developing leader. It tailors the development process to the life-experiences and day-to-day needs of the client. Coaching changes lives, and people testify that it is one of the most powerful transformative experiences they have ever had.

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