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Required for Students:
(nonstudents - purchase at your choice- upon arrival - at AU bookstore)

  1. Dail, Clarence and Charles S. Thomas, Hydrotherapy-Simple Treatments or Simple Remedies for the Home.
  2. Campbell, T. Colin, and Thomas M. Campbell II, The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implicationis for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health.
  3. White, Ellen G., A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education.


  1. White, E. G. Counsels on Health
  2. White, E. G. The Ministry of Healing
  3. White, E. G. Healthful Living
  4. White, E. G. Counsels on Diet and Food
  5. White. E. G. Selected Messages, vol. 2.
  6. White, Ellen G., Medical Ministry.
  7. Forks over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health. DVD.
  8. Food, Inc. DVD (
  9. Nedley, Neill, Proof Positive.
  10. Thrash, Agatha M. and Calvin L. Thrash Jr., Home Remedies: Hydrotherapy, Massage, Charcoal and Other Simple Treatments
  11. Austin, Phylis, Thrash, Agatha M. and Calvin L. Thrash Jr., Natural HealthCare for Your Child.
  12. Griffin, Vicki, Edwin Neblett, and Evelyn Kissinger, Simple Solutions: Diet and Stress.
  13. ___________, Living Free: Finding Freedom from Habits that Hurt
  14. Noyes, Edwin A. Spiritualistic Deceptions in Health and Healing.
  15. Batmanghelidj, F. Water: The Ultimate Cure.
  16. Benjamin, Ben. Are You Tense? The Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy: Tension Relief Through Deep Massage and Body Care
  17. Dysinger, P. Williams, Heaven's Lifestyle Today: Health in the Context of Revelation 14: A Biblical and Modern Science Perspective.
  18. Pamplona-Roger, George D. Healthy Foods.
  19. ______________, ed. 250 Recipes for Healing and Prevention.
  20. Gomez, Reinaldo Sosa, Amazing Power of Healing Plants.
  21. Cherne, Harold M. and Ferrell, Vance. Natural Remedies Encyclopedia.


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