Estimates of Associated Program Expenses...

...and procedure for obtaining I-20 Form (for those who are required to have a student visa):

If you are NOT a United States citizen or permanent resident and you reside and work outside the U.S., you will be, in most cases, required by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service to have a student visa to come the U.S. and register for course work, even if it is only for a two-week duration. You will need an acceptance letter and form I-20 issued by Andrews University, to apply for a student visa. Coordinate your travel documentation with and seek advice from the University's International Student Services office:, 1-269-471-6395.

1.    You must submit an estimated budget; please obtain this form from the...

Information you will need for the budget sheet, with classes held at the AU campus as a basis for estimates; if your event is at a location other than Andrews, see information specific to that site. Fees shown here are as published in the 2017-2018 academic bulletin.


Tuition Doctoral rate per credit for 2019-20 academic year; reduce this figure by 56% if you qualify for NAD discounted tuition (you will register for 8 credits per year).

$1,316 per credit

($579 after 56% discount = $4,632 for 8 credits

Books Estimated average; quantity of books varies $20.00/book
Transportation To-from South Bend airport, AU shuttle service (subject to change) $35/trip
AU guest or dormitory room, with linens Varies, depending on the accommodation you choose. See Guest Room Prices page for details. $45-$75/day; linens may be $10 extra
AU Dining Services meals Flat rate per meal; it is recommended that you arrange for a draw-down account at the Dining Services office; then meals can be charged to your account using your Andrews ID card, and you will not be charged sales tax. $7.50 Breakfast
$9.00 Lunch
$9.00 Dinner
Medical insurance If you already have health or travel insurance, you may skip this item, but be sure you can present documentation for proof of insurance. (Amount is approximate and subject to change.) $80.00


2.    Bank statement or letter of sponsorship; provide a bank statement that confirms you have the amount of money as stated on the "total" line of the budget sheet. If you are sponsored, request the sponsoring organization to fax a letter affirming sponsorship to the international financial advisor (fax 1-269-471-3228, email 

3.    Fax the estimated budget sheet and bank statement to 1-269-471-3228.

4.    Make a payment (two options):

       a.    If you pay by credit card, call the AU international financial advisor at 269-471-3834 to give your credit card number.
       b.    You can wire the money to the Student Finance Office (if you are not sponsored). YOU NEED TO SEND ONLY THE MONEY DUE FOR TUITION AND FEES.

       Contact the international students' financial advisor for instructions about wiring funds:

If you complete these four steps, Andrews University's International Student Services office will be able to send you the I-20 document in a short time. To make sure you've got everything in and check on progress, please call or email the AU international financial advisor at: 1-269-471-3834,; or contact the International Student Services office at 1-269-471-6395,