Program Competencies - Outcomes

The Doctor of Ministry program seeks to develop the person, knowledge, and practice of its students. While the program is structured around certain areas of concentration, there are competencies we feel are important to evaluate as outcomes for all students. The following are those program outcomes.


Seek deeper biblical spirituality
Obtain enrichment of personal and family life
Intensify greater commitment to ministry
Clarify an Adventist perspective of evangelism, mission, and ministry
Cultivate a global view of society and ministry


Acquire exceptional theoretical knowledge that contributes to advanced ministry
Understand the biblical model of servant leadership


Enhance the ability to evaluate ministerial practices through theological reflection
Increase the ability to use appropriate tools to analyze the needs of churches and communities
Hone skills that facilitate more effective ministry
Sharpen the ability to articulate theological and theoretical understandings that advance global ministry
Strengthen habits of study that contribute to lifelong learning


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