2007 Euro-Asia Division cohort

Directory of ESD Cohort Members, Leadership Concentration
(Status as of April 9, 2008)

Guillermo Biaggi
Treasurer, Euro Asia Division, Moscow, Russia

Lev Bondarchuk
Stewardship Director, Euro-Asia Division

Vyacheslav Buchnev
Educational Director, Belarus Conference

Evgeniy Gerasimov
Pastor, Vitebsk region, Belarus Conference

Alexander Gladkov
Pastor Zaoksky University Church, Professor of Practical Theology, Secretary of Priokskaya Conference

Leonty Gunko
VP for Academic Affairs, Zaoksky Adventist University

Michael Kaminsky
Executive Secretary, Euro-Asia Division

Konstantin Kampen
Pastor and SS/PM Director, Central Mission, Ukraine

Victor Katsal
Editor in Chief, Source of Life Publishing House, Zaoksky, Russia

Nikolai Kisly
Departmental Director, East Russian Union Mission, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Vyacheslav Korchuk
Dean of Theology, Ukranian College of Arts & Sciences; coordinator, Ukranian Union E.G. White Heritage Center

Vladimir Kotov
Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department Director, Southern Union Conference, Russia

Victor Kozakov
President, East Russian Union Mission

Sergey Kuzmin
Director, Voice of Hope, Euro-Asia Division, Kaliningrad, Russia

Pavel Liberanski
President, Caucasus Union Mission

Alexander Lisichniy
Professor, Zaoksky Seminary, Tula, Russia

Andrei Moldovanu
Pastor and Education Department Director, Chishinau, Moldova

Vasiliy Murga
Personal Ministries Director, West Russia Union

Moses (Maisei) Ostrovski
President, Belarus Conference

Alexei Plahota
Director of Chaplaincy Ministries, North Caucasus Mission, Stavropol, Russia

Pavel Sargsyan
Professor at Zaoksky University, Tula, Russia

Natalia Sheglova
Professor of Biblical Studies, Zaoksky University, Tula, Russia

Anatoly Simoshov
Professor, Zaokski Adventist University

Vladimir Tkachuk
President, Zaoksky Adventist University

Vitalie Zgherea
Director, ADRA, Euro-Asia Division

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