Protocol for Approving New Cohorts

New cohorts are recommended to the Dean's Council based on the following criteria:

  1. Program staff support is sufficient. Generally a minimum of one full-time equivalent per 100 participants is an appropriate reference point.
  2. The concentration coordinator has committed to attendance at the annual AU DMin Conference.
  3. Marketing plans for the cohort are provided by the DMin office in collaboration with the concentration coordinator.
  4. For international cohorts, all proposals and memorandums of understanding are well-formed, including an ATS proposal and documentation of agreement with relevant denominational organizations.
  5. The quality of lead professors is documented and supported.
  6. Advising resources are described and not extended beyond two assignments per external advisor or current seminary faculty advising load formulas.
  7. The concentration coordinator affirms a minimum of four of the following quality of Doctor of Ministery education pedagogy steps including a and b:
         (a) A ministry development plan
         (b) A professional portfolio
         (c) Small learning groups with mid-year assignments in at least three of four years
         (d) A mentoring relationship in the field
         (e) Journaling, including assigned reading but including added journaling experience

Applications for new cohorts are to be accompanied by brief information provided in the following sujbect headings:

  1. Information regarding the cohort coordinator
  2. A commitment from the coordinator to attend the annual DMin conference
  3. Titles and descriptions of four modules and the two required courses
  4. The program schedule and locations
  5. For international cohorts, a draft of ATS proposals and memorandums of understanding
  6. Information regarding lead professors
  7. A description of how the cohort will be marketed
  8. A description of the advising resources available
  9. A description of the DMin education pedagogy applied

January 24, 2008