Recharge! Writing Workshop

Looking for a fresh start for your DMin project? Want some help with academic writing, style, or formatting issues in your project? Just need a bit of encouragement? Come to Recharge!, a Doctor of Ministry writing workshop to be presented by Dr. Jeanette Bryson. It’s designed to sharpen your academic writing skills toward completing a successful Doctor of Ministry project document. The workshop is not required, but is offered as an optional resource.

The workshop is scheduled for May 20-23, 2013, 9 am-1 pm on the campus of Andrews University. The workshop fee is $100, and pre-registration is required.

Registrants will need to make their own lodging arrangements; lodging information is provided to help you select a place to stay in the Andrews University vicinity.

About the instructor:
Jeanette Bryson, PhD, is a member of the English faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. She has lived in Canada and three countries of Africa and has traveled in five continents. She has given seminars, facilitated workshops, published in a number of Adventist publications, and authored one book. Dr. Bryson is a mentor for graduate students in International Development and serves as an advisor and reader for DMin project documents.
Tentative schedule and outline of material the workshop is expected to cover:

Monday: Introductions, background of English, overview of syntax—sentence patterns, paragraphs, essay writing—a brief introduction to the various genres and graphic organizers, sermonic writing, and academic writing to provide the background for writing a project document.  Conclude with an exercise that leads the students through the selection and narrowing of the topic. If time permits, the first day will include an introduction to the research steps.

Tuesday: Go directly to the library for the presentations. A team will share information on how to locate sources in the James White Library and online, using various search engines. In addition, the library team will introduce the Endnotes program. A graduate student will provide further guidance. Appointment schedule for the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday: A seminary professor will present an overview of the requirements for writing a project document. Students will do some free writing. If time permits, the following areas will be addressed: note taking, preparing outlines, quoting, paraphrasing, writer’s block, and other related topics. Appointment schedule for the afternoon.

Thursday: Editing and revising will be the main topic of the day. Tips will be shared on how to check for the validity of the title, abstract, review of literature, etc., along with mimesis, details, assumptions, inferences, etc. Appointment schedule for the afternoon and evening.

To register:

Contact or 269-471-6130. Space is limited, so register now!