SDA Theological Seminary Annual Events

Spring Semester

Swallen Mission Lectureship

   Third week in February

Worship, Word, and Music Conference
   Last weekend in February

Institute of Archaeology & Horn Archaeological Museum
 Nineveh Symposium
    March 7,  7 pm, Seminary Chapel      Add Event to Calendar

The Siegfried H.Horn Lectureship
   April 3-5, Torah Conference

Summit on Social Consciuosness
   Second week and weekend in April

Children's Leadership Conference
   Third weekend in April
Registration Fee required*

Summer Semester

SEEDS, Church Planting Workshop
   Third weekend in May

Adventist Conference on Family, Research & Practice (ACFRP)
   Thrid weekend in July

Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy Workshop
   First week in August
   Registration Fee required*




*See the link of the event to get full information