2014-15 MAPM Curriculum

The MA in Pastoral Ministry degree requires students take a total of 48 credits. For Students admitted to the program before March 2014, please use the 2013 Curriculum which will satisy degree requirements. 

Christian Ministry  (12)
CHMN 505 Biblical Preaching (3) OR
CHMN 637 Seminar in Preaching
CHMN 523 Worship: Word and Music (3) Offered only during the summer on Andrews campus*
CHMN 543 Christian Leadership in a Changing World (3)
Choose one of the following courses:
CHMN 539 Church Growth and the Equipping Pastor (3)
CHMN 566 Mobilizing Laity for the Ministry of Evangelism (3)
CHMN 623 Innovative Evangelism (3)
Church History (6)

CHIS 505 Survey of Church History (3)
CHIS 674 Development of Seventh-day Adventist Theology (3)

Discipleship and Religious Education (9)

DSRE 503 Marriage, Family, and Interpersonal Relationships (3)
DSRE 534 Ministry to Youth and Young Adults (3)
DSRE 541 Foundations of Biblical Spirituality (3) Offered only during the summer on Andrews campus*

New Testament (6)
NTST 550 Exegesis of the English New Testament (3)
NTST 567 Theology of the English New Testament (3)
Old Testament (6)
OTST 570 Readings in the Old Testament (English) (3)
Choose one of the following courses:
OTST 520 Introduction to Old Testament Theology (3)
OTST 510 Archeology and the Bible (3)
Theology and Christian Philosophy (6)

THST 695 Sanctuary Doctrine (3) (This is also the new substitute for THST 550, Principles of Christian Ethics, required under all bulletins prior to Summer 2014)

Choose one of the following:
One course in Systematic Theology (3)
One Course in Historical Theology (3)

World Mission (3)
Choose one of the following courses:
MSSN 505 Christian Responses to Human Needs (3)
MSSN 546 Mission in Cultural and Religious Context (3)
MSSN 561 Christian Witness and World Religions (3)
*These classes are also taught in Canada
Total Credits for the MA Degree:48