Each summer the InMinistry Center hosts a new, incoming InMinistry MDiv cohort on the Andrews University campus. This 11-day event is required of all new students (the first Sunday and last Friday are for travel to and from Andrews). Attendance is mandatory up to the close of activities on the second Thursday evening.  A number of key things occur during this event that are crucial to cohort formation and function:

    • Students take the first two classes:
      • CHIS 674 Development of SDA Theology
      • DSRE 541 Foundations of Biblical Spirituality
    • Introduction to seminary and InMinistry Center services
    • Welcome Banquet: You will be treated to an evening of fine food and fellowship with Seminary leaders and InMinistry Center professors
    • Friday evening picnic and vespers
    • A Sabbath trip to visit the Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, hosted by Jim Nix of the EG White Estates and Garth (Duff) Stoltz Director of the Village
    • A canoe trip down the Saint Joseph River
    • An evening stroll and ice cream treat in quaint Saint Joseph, by Lake Michigan
    • Closure with a Thursday evening Agape Feast and Dedication

Our rationale for all these activities during Orientation is to bond you as a team, a cohort of ministers who will support each other as you journey through ministerial formation in the years ahead. Consistently, this feature of the InMinistry MDiv is highly appreciated by all our participants. Attendance at orientation is required and necessary to begin the InMinistry MDiv journey.