InMinistry MAPMin Class

CHMN523 Worship: Word and Music

Professor: David Williams
Date: November 10-14, 2013
Location: Columbia Union Conference Office


Course Description:

Explores the theology of worship and the interrelatedness of preaching, music, worship environment and other elements of corporate worship. Various worship styles and practices are considered and principles are presented that guide worship within local contexts.

This course is an introduction to the theological principles and practices of Christian worship and worship music. It establishes a biblical foundation for a theology of worship and liturgy, and the relationship between God’s Word and music in the worship experience. The history of Christian worship and music provides the student with a broad perspective when planning worship and dealing with conflict when it arises. The course focuses on pastoral leadership in worship ministry and the central issues involved in effective worship leading and planning. Within the broader context of worship ministry, special emphasis is placed on music’s role in diverse worship contexts.

A student should be able to:

1. Explain a theology of worship and music from Scripture.
2. Possess principles and methods for planning corporate worship.
3. Plan a meaningful worship experience for a diverse congregation.
4. Experience and reflect upon worship outside of the Adventist context.
5. Develop greater personal biblical and spiritual growth in personal and corporate worship.
6. Know how to evaluate and derive the theology explicit and implicit in worship practices.

Class Resources:

    Reservation Form
    Extra Course Materials:  Canale, Doukhan, Fortin, & Stout

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Attendee List:

  1. Inskip Allsop
  2. Karen Burke Bright
  3. Charles Brooks II
  4. Milton Coronado
  5. Michael Cox
  6. Marlena Debrough
  7. Uzooma Erondu
  8. Shawn Fordham
  9. Sherry L. Hall
  10. Denise Hayden
  11. Marquis Johns
  12. Nicolas Louis
  13. Darnel Marius
  14. Elvis Mogere
  15. Leandro Robinson
  16. Ludlow Rowe
  17. Lillian Torres
  18. Peggi Trusty